My Cup Of Tea

I’m sure I am not alone in this, but ever since I got pregger, no perfume has ever smelled the same on me again. Most of the ones I used to wear are now totally unbearable. I have to keep away from the ‘rich’ ones (like the dearly missed Chanel Allure, J’Adore, Giorgio Armani Sensi, etc) and can only stand the smell of a really subtle scent like Kenzo Amour.

But of course I got bored of just one perfume day after day, so I was once again in the hunt of another. I went to Sogo Plaza Senayan initially to look for Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash as I was informed that this is the only dept. store in town that carries the whole MJ perfume line. Sadly, I couldn’t find what I was looking for and the sales assistant didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. He told me that all the Summer Splash range is gone (Rain, Grass, Cotton) and they will be bringing in the other Splash collections next month. When I asked “Is Cucumber Splash part of this new collection?” He nodded and said “Yes, Amber, Violet, Ivy” to which I said “No no, I meant Cucumber” and again he nodded his head and said “Yes, yes! It will be available next month! Amber, Violet and Ivy!” So I left the counter in exasperation.

On my way to Starbucks, I passed a corner where Bvlgari was doing a promotion of some sort. I decided to stop by remembering that Bvlgari perfumes, usually with their subtle charm, could be the one I was looking for. Turned out that the promotion was for their “tea scent” range – Eau Perfumee Au Thé Vert, Au Thé Blanc, and Au Thé Rouge (or more familiarly : the green, white and red tea). I have worn Thé Vert before and while I think it’s a very nice, clean scent I wanted something different. To me, Thé Blanc didn’t offer too much difference – it’s fresh and again clean – but perhaps too ‘white’ for my taste. So I turned to Thé Rouge and boy was I smitten!

Thé Rouge contains bergamot, orange,  pink pepper, fig pulp, Roiboos red tea, Yunnan red tea, walnut and musk. It opens with a rather strong red tea and fig note with hint of citrus and not too long after that settled into a sweet and slightly nutty scent. It’s warm, comforting and very very soft. And it seemed to be working in sync with my pregnant skin chemistry because it didn’t turn awful after a while, like so many other perfumes do. I do wish that the red tea scent in the beginning can hold a lot longer as it is delicious, but I like the rather feminine basenotes so it’s fine. The other thing that I really really wish that it has better staying power. This eau de cologne disappears after 2-3 hours especially if I’ve been out in the sun so I need to reapply. Shame.

I brought home one bottle anyway because I was so excited that I finally found a perfume that doesn’t make me gag and I now can’t stop smelling my wrist. This might be my signature scent for the next 3 months…unless I find Marc Jacobs Cucumber Slash and totally fall in love with it. Anyone know where I can test it?

Btw, if you are interested in buying any of the Bvlgari Tea range, just head to Sogo Plaza Senayan. If I’m not mistaken the promotion will run until Aug 25. You can get both Thé Blanc (75 ml) and Thé Rouge (100 ml) for 1,1 mill rups plus they would throw in a bunch of free 15 ml samples. I don’t know about you but for Bvlgari perfumes, this is a great deal.

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