Recent Purchase: Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush

For some of you who are always waiting for deals from Luxola, you will probably remember that a few weeks ago, they offered three different discounts in the course of three hours. From 9-10 PM, they offered 35% off (!!!), 30% off between 10-11 PM, and then 25% off 11 PM-12 AM. Obviously I went for the first round of discounts. I didn’t hesitate at all — in fact, I rushed to put the items in the shopping cart and checked out right away. That was the best deal Luxola has given so far.

I went a little (reasonably) crazy and purchased three blushes from a brand that has been on my wishlist for quite some time: they are the ever-so-darling Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush – For Love of Roses.

I think the illustration on the boxes are very neat. The grass, leaves, floral, and the Rouge Bunny Rouge logo are drawn with such a whimsical quality to them. If you love poetry and fairy tales, you will love Rouge Bunny Rouge and the whole essence behind it: every product has a story — and not just any story! — but one that’s worthy to be compiled into a story book.

For one, this is the story for Original Skin Blush:

“Deep inside a labyrinth of perfectly topiaried winding lanes in the Enchanted Garden lies the Rose Orchard. The sweet and tantalising fragrance of the roses, combined with the sight of their intense pigments, provokes torturous visions of languorous beauty. The thorns of the flowers, so piercingly sharp, can slice through flesh as though it were air, and the elegant, gorgeous Floribunda-Elves are the only guardians that the roses with their poisonous thorns will allow to tend the orchard. The Floribundas perfectly preen and nurture each flower and in return, they are gifted by the roses with the most effervescent and radiant faces in the whole of the Enchanted Garden, their cheeks exuding happiness and excitement, causing many a lover to fall to his knees.”

Delicata | Starina | Habanera

There are 6 shades in the line and I decided to pick the non-obvious ones: I chose the nudes. I’ve been loving nude blusher shades lately since I acquired the Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #10 and another Burberry (to be revealed soon). However, nude blushes are a quite a pain to be photographed; even after doing some color-editing, the colors won’t show up exactly the way they would in real life. This is why the Giorgio Armani never made it in the review, despite its beautiful qualities. However, I’m going to keep trying and hopefully bring you the best photos possible.

Back to the blushes. Here’s a little description from RBR’s website for each shade:

  • Delicata: nude beige-rose with the barest hint of peach for an illuminated natural glow – excellent to accentuate your cheekbones creating a 3D-effect depth
  • Starina: palest coral with an illuminating radiance – Great for any pale complexion
  • Habanera: medium, sun-warmed terracotta with a hint of rose – Great for any medium complexion

RBR has a unique and detailed way of describing the shades and very much so spot on. The Russian brand is like the master of colors really.

I’ve just started playing around with them and I can tell these are going to be staples in my routine. The texture is ethereally fantastic; can’t quite put my finger on it yet, but it’s a dream to work with.

I had a plan in hand when I purchased these three: I would use Habanera (the darkest one) as a soft contour under my cheek bones, then apply Delicata on the apple of the cheeks. Finally, I would swipe Starina lightly across the top of cheekbones. That’s a recipe for a pair of killer cheeks, at least that’s what I had in mind :D

If you would like to immerse yourself in the Enchanted Garden of Princess Rouge, go check the website!