Lipstick Monday: Addiction Lip Crayon Le Mépris

Attention, attention.

I hereby declare that I have an addiction, with Addiction.

I showed you my recent purchase before, and it’s about time I show you the buzz, one product at a time. It’s Lipstick Monday, so you know what it’s going to be.

Addiction Lip Crayon in Le Mépris

The packaging is simple and straightforward: a black plastic tube imprinted with the brand’s name and a band of color at the end to indicate the shade inside. This feature will be handy in the future, considering I’m planning to get more. I don’t have to open the tube or try to see the code when I want to wear a particular color. It’s lightweight and it feels like holding a whiteboard marker.

Le Mépris is a vivid, intense tangerine red shade. What wows me the most is the formula. It’s beaaaaautiful. It glides on so so so easily with no dragging and no tugging whatsoever. It takes almost no pressure at all for the lipstick to show up on lips. It’s incredibly pigmented and saturated. 

This is my first venture in trying out lipstick in a stick form. I found that this is an effortless way to make my lips look polished and defined. I am one of those people who likes to wear lipstick in a moving vehicle. And I found it difficult to mess this up. The Lip Crayon’s size is perfect! It’s enough to do the lips in a jiffy, and it’s not too thick that it’s hard to line the lips.

It sets into a velvety matte finish. It’s simply divine. I really love how it feels on my lips.

And the color! GAHHH! Pure tangerine goodness.

As you can see, the orange fever is still going on, hard. Take a look at my other picks, Rouge Allure Excentrique and Le Rouge Mandarine Boléro for some ideas in case you caught on the fever too.

I just can’t get enough of this. Addiction Lip Crayon is going to be one of those lipsticks that I’d collect more shades of. Speaking of which, I already know which ones I’m going to get next. Bottom line, I’m a total convert.

*inhale, exhale*

So that’s it, folks! I’ll see you in yet another round of Lipstick Monday :D