My New Favorite Bronzer & It’s a Dior!

When I first started getting into makeup, I’ve always had this idea that bronzer equals ‘orange barbie look’. Not a good image, isn’t it? But as I read more into it, I found that as long as it fits our skin tone and applied properly, we can avoid that look.

I don’t have many experiences with bronzers. In fact, I’ve only tried 3: NARS Laguna, Benefit Hoola and this product I’m about to review. I sold my NARS Laguna quite a while ago as the shade didn’t fit me quite right. I still use Benefit Hoola to this day and it’s still a favorite (I’ve hit pan actually). It’s matte so it’s doable as a contour as well.

But, we’re not here to talk about those two. My current favorite is Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder in 002 Sunlight. A mouthful name but I get it, I’ll tell you why later.

002 Sunlight

Let’s start with the packaging. The powder is encased in a round, silver shiny metal compact, with its signature Cannage quilted pattern on top. It’s a fingerprint magnet but I’m willing to overlook it. It has a mirror for convenient application. The compact has a substantial weight, feels sturdy and closed with a magnet. As usual, with high end makeup, Dior also includes a black navy velvet pouch.


As you can see, the powder is pressed into a beautiful design. It’s almost a sin to use it. The round pan is divided into 4 equally, like a pie, with a total of 4 different shades. The powder has fine shimmers, but not detected when worn. My apologies for not showing you a brand new product, it has been lovingly used for the past couple of months.

The letters were actually embossed with the Cannage quilted pattern too!

I tried my best to do the swatches here. The bottom one is swatched from the letter N and E area. It has a peachy tone. The middle one is swatched from the letter U and D area and it has a noticeably orange brown tone. The top one is swatched altogether, creating a beautiful peachy pinkish brown. Mind you, these are heavily swatched. In real life, I would apply far less.

Bottom to top: N+E, U+D, NUDE

The overall tone of this is definitely not your usual brown bronzer, it leans to pink peach. The powder is finely milled, making it easy to apply and to blend in with the skin. It is so soft and buttery to the touch. It’s sheer and buildable and fret not, the shimmers are barely noticeable.

What I love most about it is that it gives warmth to my skin, just enough. It has that subtle glow-from-within look. Nothing over the top. Subtle without creating too much shadow/contour. Soft without giving too much color. It gives an illusion that I simply looked healthy and radiant, not as if I was out in the sun, burnt or tanned. I think the name ‘NUDE TAN’ fits this product beautifully. I almost don’t want to call it a bronzer because of the subtlety. Which is why I get the product name; it is a healthy glow enhancing powder.

I think this is a very modern and chic take on a bronzer. You can use it as a blush too, by swiping the N and E area. Or you can concentrate on U and D, to get more intensity. I personally find swirling the shades altogether works best. Another great thing is, even though this leans pink-peach, I could still use all of my blushes and none looked mismatched. This, however, is not a good product if you’re looking to use it as a contour. Better save yourself some disappointment and get a different bronzer.

It comes with a mini kabuki brush too! Perfect for traveling!

Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder is sold for USD 55, for a 10 g of product. This is available in 4 shades to suit many skin tones and preferences. Not exactly pocket friendly, but the quality is right up there. With that gorgeous glow result, it’s worth my every penny. I got it for 20% off too, so that wasn’t so bad :p Not to mention you get the mini kabuki brush (with its own pouch too) as well. And the kabuki works fine for applying the product. :D