A Week in Style; Darina Danil Holiday in Style

First thing that I notice about Darina’s style, it’s so adorable! (ngegemesin, in a mature term). As a forum member, you may be familiar with her -baby ZK is her nickname-, as we often bump into her photos many times :D

She’s a proud mom of 3 year old daughter, and currently working in a telecommunication company. Loves blogging, crafting and crazy about dessert table (note this, I’m gonna ask you to prepare one and throw an FD party some time?). She also loves all things vintage and flowery. Mmm, sounds interesting :)

In her spare time, she manages to maintain her online store, Sakeena Blogstore . The name was inspired from her personal blog, Mencoba Sakinah, which every family should make as their goal. The best selling products here are chiffon printed shawl, and ponytail, another kind of instant hijab.

Since it’s the holiday season, in this ‘A Week in Style‘, Darina will show pictures of her style during holiday. Hijabers alert, her chosen array of outfits is definitely an inspiration for getaway outfit.

You’ve just recently worn hijab, and I bet that must be quite a change in your style. Can you tell us when you start to wear hijab and the process to making that decision?

I started to wear hijab from October 2011. I have thought about it for a while, but the “call” or the right moment came quite suddenly. When I came with the decision to wear hijab, I instantly bought jilbab paris and inner ciput that more or less would last me for a week. After that, I bought them in installments, one at a time as needed.

Describe your typical day at work.

I work in the human resources department, where, on daily basis, I manage recruitment, interview, construct training plan, establish job manual and other human resources-related activities. Thus, I met people a lot yet I mainly stay inside the office.

How do you sum up your personal style?

I’m about feminine and chic, but most of the time, you will find me dresssing in simple and casual style. Having a super active 3 year old kid means you have to be quick and handy in everything, so I prefer a simple and instant hijab, in a personal and modern way.

What are your fashion must-haves?

Cotton shawl, ponytail, chiffon shawl, inner ninja, pin that have a covering (this is very important for me since I have a 3 year old daughter who likes to poke around my hijab). Another must-haves are tote bags and flat shoes.

What are your fashion do’s and don’ts?

Do’s : find your own style. Particularly for hijabers, try to experiment with variety of hijabs.
Don’ts : use too many accessories at once. Choose just one that stands out, for instance a necklace or corsage, not both. Especially because when you wear a hijab it already looks busy enough.



Cotton silk shawl Sakeena Blogstore | Tunic shirt Thamrin City | Pants Thamrin City | Unbranded Shoes | Kate Spade Bag


Ponytail hijab in black Sakeena Blogstore | Unbranded babydoll from Osaka | Manset Thamrin City | Mango Pants | Cotton On Boots


Cotton Shawl Thamrin City | Unbranded t-shirt from Bangkok | Blue Label Store pants | Ipanema Sandals | Longchamp Le Pliage bag


Ponytail in Milo Sakeena Blogstore | Mango shirt | Blue Label Store harem pants | Ipanema sandals | Longchamp Le Pliage bag


Ponytail in black Sakeena Blogstore | Animal print shirt from Carolane at Market Plaza Day | Blue Label Store harem pants | Cotton On boots | Longchamp Le Pliage bag


Kamiidea cotton shawl | Inner ninja from Thamrin City | Cotton Ink Boxy Tee | Manset from Thamrin City | Maxlane wide leg pants | Zara shoes


March Outfit cotton shawl | Mango shirt | Manset from Thamrin City | Maxlane wide leg pants | Ipanema sandals | Burberry Nova check tote bag

And for your information, Darina will be at the Female Daily HQ. She will share how to get instantly wrapped, while still maintaining our personal style. Surely you won’t want to miss it, just drop by and register yourself here :)