Results are in! Best Indonesian Beauty Products 2010, Take 1!

“Kita tertarik akan cerita hubungan Obama, bukan karena Indonesia penting baginya, tapi karena Indonesia penting bagi kita.”  Goenawan Mohamad (via Twitter)

And that’s why we are also very proud of our locally made, good quality, beauty products, and would recommend them to anyone, including Michelle Obama. :D A big thanks to 121 people who voted on the poll! Here are the results for facial products (a summary of body and hair care products will be reviewed in a separate article).

PAC, Sariayu and Caring Colours, in that order, reign in both the blush and lipstick categories. PAC blush no 01 and 02, Sariayu Nias and Toba blushes, and Caring’s Rose Desire get the most mentions in terms of blush. In terms of lipstick, almost half of PAC fans mention its lip pencils, and who can blame them; PAC’s lip pencils go on smooth and not-drying, I’ve got one too! :D

The same three brands reign in the lip gloss category, but this time Sariayu ranks first, followed by PAC and Caring Colours. There’s no clear favorite in terms of color for both Sariayu and Caring, but PAC’s Dustry Rose lip gloss and it’s stacked gloss got a few mentions.

PAC reigns again in the foundation category, followed by Sariayu and La Tulipe/LT Pro. It seems that people really use a wide variety of items within these three brands as no clear favorite foundation type or shade was a favorite. To me, this shows that there is really something for everybody,  so go ahead and give them a try.

I was quite surprised at the most favorite brand in the face powder category, although I shouldn’t have been since I’ve also been using this product for a looong time. Can you guess? It’s the Marcks’ powder brand (including Marcks’ Venus) producted by Kimia Farma! The shade Rose was mentioned most.  Second and third favorite brands are, again, Sariayu and PAC.

The most loved eyeshadow? Sariayu’s Merak Kasmaran! This is my favorite too, I even blogged about it.  PAC and La Tulipe/LT Pro were second and third favorite. I must say, we really have a great selection of locally made products when it comes to eyeshadow. If you don’t have a favorite yet, these three brands will get you started, for sure.

Now in this next category, more than half of the people who voted, did not have a favorite.  Those who do, likes PAC, Sariayu and, tied for the third place, Pixy and Viva. It’s the eyeliner category.

Almost completely the opposite, almost everyone has a clear favorite in the eyebrow pencil/powder category. I believe most of you know the clear favorite here, so let’s get our pom-poms ready, and chant it together:

Give me a vee! An eye! Another vee! An ayy!


Yep, it’s our beloved Viva eyebrow pencil, giving us our surprised/happy/angry look, in black or brown, from Jakarta to Paris :D



In terms of lashes, though, seems that we’re still looking for that one great item, myself including. Those who do know what they like, votes for PAC, Sariayu, and (tied for third place), La Tulipe/LT Pro and Pixy mascara.

The moisturizer or cream category has the most mention of brands. First place is Sariayu, followed by Biokos, and (tied for third place)  La Tulipe/LT Pro, Ristra and Viva. Specifically, the Biokos Botu-like line gets the most mentions. I’ve been meaning to try this line, now I’m resolved to get one when my current cream runs out.

The final category for facial products is best face mask. No surprises here as well: the master, errr, I mean masker bengkuang was mentioned by almost three quarters of respondents. More than half loves Mustika Ratu’s, with the rest liking Sariayu and Viva’s masker bengkuang.

What is bengkuang?

Bengkuang is the root of the Jicama plant, sometimes also called Mexican turnip (Pachyrrhizus erosus). It’s up to 90% water, and rich in flavonoids and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Traditional uses of this plant includes external applications to reduce skin eruptions and to cool the skin after sun exposure. Modern uses include ingestion for its benefit against cancer and diabetes.

There you go, the best facial products. It’s certainly inspired me to try a few of your recommendations, so thank you again to all who’ve responded. And a big congratulations to the brands mentioned; keep up the good work, and we’re looking forward to even better products in the future!

Picture sources: Sariayu, La Tulipe, Marcks, Viva, and Tanaman Obat websites.