Kate Spade Fans, Have You Seen the Spring Collection?

Sips, Snack and Shop adalah konsep private party yang diadakan Kate Spade baru-baru ini. Sounds like your kinda evening, right? Dalam acara yang berlangsung di Galleries Lafayette ini, Kate Spade memperkenalkan koleksi Spring terbaru mereka yang bertemakan “places to go

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Hijabers Inspiration: The Kate Spade Girl

Think bright stripes, florals, and oversize bows—through a retro-1950s lens. Beginilah Brad Goreski, brand stylist Kate Spade sekilas menggambarkan penampakan brand ini. Saya tidak pernah bosan memandangi sosok Kate Spade girl, dalam balutan yang selalu ceria, carefree dan ‘ringan’. Ciri

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Proenza Schouler PS1

197. Inside Sarah, Our Community Manager’s, Bag

This is my 1st bag featured in “Inside Her Bag”, and I’m a bit anxious because nobody ever peep into my bag before. I don’t carry lots of stuff, so it’s always a mystery to me why my handbag can

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194. Inside Winny’s, The Assistant Manager, Bags

As promised, I will take you to take a peek at Winny’s bags.  But if you haven’t seen her outfit in this post, go ahead click that one first. To recall your memory, she is the assistant manager of Menard

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Today’s Outfit; Another Lovable Piece from Minimal SS2013

I’m seriously addicted with Minimal collection these days. They’ve come a long way since their ‘Rumah Mode’ hey day. Seriously, back then, I always associated Minimal with their boutique in Rumah Mode. But I grew to love Minimal collection more and more

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A Day in My Life, Captured Through Samsung Galaxy Camera

Not that my life is so interesting but I am one who loves to capture moments, and ehmm share them on social media. Since last Monday was a pretty laid back day, something to thank for considering I had a

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Today’s Outfit: What I’ve Done with My Tenun Makassar

I’ve actually had this tenun Makassar for quite a while from Syita during her trip there last year. However, the fabric was abandoned in the corner of my closet for months because I haven’t had any idea of what to

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Today’s Outfit: The Perfect Pair of Jeans

I’m entering my third year with Fashionese Daily and as happiness meter goes, mine has risen up quite exponentially. So is my weight! I can’t fit into my old pair of jeans anymore and I have been in denial for the

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