Coach dan Tas Wajib untuk Traveling

Coach memperkenalkan beberapa tas mereka yang sangatlah cocok untuk dibawa saat traveling. Amalla Vesta juga memberikan tips dan tricks untu solo traveling.

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jkt style beat feat

Jakarta Style Beat: Shows and Shops

A lot of exciting developments are happening in the Jakarta style scene now. Let’s see what stores opened up recently and what shows to look forward to.

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A Special Wednesday Wish List From Reebonz & Luxola

This is a bad bad month for my wallet. I’ve been avoiding Jakarta Great Sale to no success. I’ve purchased a bag which I will tell you more on another post. But that’s it. I’ve even tried to avoid Mango

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Wednesday Wishlist: The Editors’ Coach Wishlist

As you may already be aware, Coach has re-opened its door in Indonesia at Plaza Senayan Ground Floor. We were sad when we heard the news that we wouldn’t be able to find them anymore in Indonesia. But it was

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Yay or Nay: Anna Sui’s Interpretation of Coach’s Iconic Duffle Bag

Are you familiar with this bag? Oh, I’m pretty sure you all are familiar with the ‘it bag’ of this season. It’s none other than the iconic Coach iconic duffle bag that we never seize to praise ever since Leija

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The Beauty of a Legacy

Gotta admit—I’ve never been a Coach kind of girl. Although I own one, it’s usually not the brand I had on top of my mind whenever I’m thinking about adding my bag collection… until now. When I checked out the

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The Chronicle of Bonnie Cashin

Every week at our office, we had a session that we called sharing session. Bonnie Cashin was my topic for my last turn of sharing session because as a designer, she’s a pioneer in so many ways and she broke

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What Is As Important as the Makeup?

It’s the makeup pouch They come in various cute prints and many designers even have a matching print with the bag collection. Makes you want to grab them right away! For me personally, I’d rather choose a makeup pouch that

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