#FDBeauty Member Spotlight: Bebe’s Signature Look

Many moons ago, longtime FD friend and forum memberĀ Bebe gave us a glimpse into her off-duty K-pop star look for a #FDBeauty video. On the day that tutorial was shot, she also let us in on the look that she sports on a daily basis; one of the things I love best about this look is how it’s soft and really low-key, but still fresh and leaves her looking perennially peppy (but definitely peppy in a really good way that’s heartwarming and contagious — more Julie Andrews than Tracy Flick).

The matte lipstick by Shu Uemura she uses in this video is just to die for: fall may be season of the dark lip, but a loud and bright fuchsia is a great bandaid for all the depressing weather we’ve been having lately. Oh and also! May I also say that while I’m never one to openly admit jealousy, let the record show that I am unabashedly, flagrantly, and feverishly envious of her amazing skills at outlining and filling in her eyebrows! Bebe ends up with brows that are thicker and fuller without looking painted-on. The shade she picked out in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Express Brow Kit is perfect for her cool complexion.

I also like her little trick of using taupe-colored gel eyeshadow to contour her nose, something that appeals to my inner utilitarian. See what else you can learn from this pixie-haired eyebrow wizard in the full-face tutorial video below: