#FDBeauty Brush Guide: Short Shader Brush

These past few weeks have seen me get lazy about applying my usual black cat-eye (courtesy of a liquid eyeliner), resorting instead to drawing a line onto the waterline of my lower eyelid with black, brown, or blue pencil eyeliners. Throughout the day, the liner bleeds out to give that lived-in look which (unfortunately) gets mistaken for a crying jag or something. I actually really like the lived-in look (there’s something very Carine Roitfeld about it), but it usually takes a few hours for the eyeliner to bleed out and give me that desired effect.

That’s there where cutest brush in the world of makeup tools comes in: the short bristles on this little baby are great for blending that sharp, precise edges of drawn-on pencil eyeliner to give me that instant hot mess vibe. The density of the brushes also make this great for applying eyeliner and softening the hard lines on your smokey eye. Check out how Shella makes use of it in the short Brush Guide video below: