Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 Beauty Rescue Kit

When you read this, I will be mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of Jakarta Fashion WeekBetween November 1 – 7, Senayan City will once more be the haven to this country’s most elite names in trendsetting: the most prominent designers, editors, and opinion leaders will gather under the Fashion Tent and Fashion Atrium to assess the future of Indonesian fashion.

Last year, I made the mistake of carrying too much stuff with me during the week of running around between press conferences and fashion shows. I’m not going to make the same mistake times, and have pared down the usual contents in my daily cosmetics pouch and replaced them with nothing but the essentials. I’ll be ready for any beauty crises that arise, and I’ll be ready to help anyone else too who may be having a beauty emergency at the Fashion Tent.

jfw brk 2

Wardah Two Way Cake in Sheer Pink. A two-way cake fixes up oily T-zones in no time, and this offering by Wardah is no different. It corrects oiliness and conceals redness with a featherweight formula that’s effective but easy on skin.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal. The thing about pimples is how rude they can sometimes be: they crop up unannounced at the most inconvenient times possible. Who’s to say I won’t get some sort of tragic, untimely zit on my cheek sometime during the middle of the day? This portable little tube dispenses the product through an attached brush, not unlike what you see in the YSL Touche Éclat.

Clean & Clear Oil Control Film. The most simple things are often the best, and there’s no blotter that’s more simple or straightforward than these familiar baby blue ones from Clean & Clear. They’re cheap, great at what they do, and are plentiful, with 60 sheets to each pack.

jfw brk 1

Inglot #126I usually have upwards of four lipsticks with me at all times, but I’m going to leave my nude lipsticks behind to make way for one essential red. I know wearing red to fashion shows are a rather cliched fashion editor thing to do, but you know what? Nothing lights up the face (and picks up a bad mood) like a good red lipstick.

Juara Candlenut Perfume Oil. One of my favorite portable scents, thanks to its solid staying power and its therapeutic scent. There’s something very calming about the mix of freesia, jasmine, and coconut — this is a sure winner for those moments when I’m not feeling particularly zen.

My JFW beauty rescue kit is ready and raring to go, as am I. Want to join me for the fun? Get your FREE tickets to show by clicking this link. I’ll be there for you when you need a touch-up ;)