Cheap Thrills: Favorite Drugstore Mascaras

Have you ever been stuck in a different country and then made the realization that you are without a vital weapon in your makeup or skincare arsenal?

I’m pretty good about carrying my makeup and skincare needs while traveling, but once in a while I slip up and forget to pack something. An item that I commonly forget to throw into my makeup travel kit is mascara, which is why I currently have an embarrassing and unnecessarily large collection of drugstore mascaras. After amassing mascaras from drugstores in different corners of Southeast Asia, here are a few of my favorites:

(PS. I should probably mention that all the mascaras mentioned are not waterproof, because I hate the hassle of removing waterproof mascara)

Revlon Lash Potion


Pros: lengthens and separates lashes beautifully. Broad, bristly brush makes it easy to reach all corners of the eyes.

Cons: formula doesn’t really add much-wanted volume to eyelashes, but this is easily amended with a follow-up application of a mascara that does specialize in adding volume, like the next one on this list. Click on through to find out!

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