When Workout Clothes Meet Streetwear

On the (very) rare occasion that I make my way down to the gym these days, the outfits I wear would be a combination of yoga pants and a basketball jersey from high school, or a ratty team spirit t-shirt from my alma mater. After an hour of working out, the combo of baggy 10-year-old shirts combined with sweat and a gasping mug does NOT make for a particularly good look.

This is where HAY United steps in: founded in 2013 by two visionary Indonesians, the label offers a palette of gym-ready clothes that are worlds away from the rags that you usually associate with working out. The aesthetic mixes a sporty, active demeanor with streetwear smarts. It’s style and utility all rolled into one, which is nice if you’ve ever wanted to wear Jeremy Scott or House of Holland to the gym.

HAY United walked at Jakarta Fashion Week 2014, and was very recently invited to New York to participate at New York’s J Summer Fashion Show. Not bad for a label that was launched in 2013!

hay u sport bras

Their most recent collection (the one that walked at J Summer Fashion Show’s runway at the iconic One World Trace Center) is called Panic Center, and it’s a jumped-up set of  colors and prints. It’s a complete sport collection too, with inventory including sport bras, jackets, shorts, pants, tracksuits, and even swimming suits; this means that it doesn’t matter if you do yoga, play tennis, run, or dance — there’s something in their wardrobe for any sport.

The thing is, there already exist all sorts of labels that specialize in designer workout clothes, and the the problem with these labels is how wildly expensive they usually are. But that’s not so with this home-grown brand: sport bras from HAY United run in the ~IDR 300,00 range, while jackets are going for no more than IDR 600,000 and tops run from IDR 250,000 – 499,000.

But while the “sport” aspect of the brand is what sets it apart from other, HAY United items totally work in the streetwear scene too: wear them with wedge sneakers and you’re all set for music festivals and graffiti art shows. Switch into your trainers and you’re all set to hit the treadmill. So even if you do get lazy and stop going to the gym, you can still wear your workout clothes out without letting anyone in on the fact that your will to live healthy died a long time ago (but you’ll start again next week, honest ;) ).

hay u 2Get HAY United at their online shop.