Taylor Swift is Air Asia’s VIP Cargo

Attention, Taylor Swift fans across Southeast Asia: maybe you already know that the 25-year-old will be in our neck of the woods this summer for a tour. Maybe you already know that she kicked off the regional tour with a show in Jakarta, followed by shows in Manila, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

But did you know that she even has her own plane to travel between these cities?

Yep, low-budget airline, Air Asia, has commissioned an Airbus A320 especially for Taylor Swift and her traveling band and crew. The A320 was even painted with a livery that features her name and face, so other airlines in the air know that the aircraft is carrying special cargo. Check it out!

photo 2We were flown by Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur recently for the unveiling of this special edition livery, and shared the evening’s excitement with a slew of industry execs, media, and bloggers from Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. Air Asia even gave out tour merchandise, flight and concert tickets, and a backstage pass to lucky fans.

It’s pretty neat how Air Asia’s colors also happen to correspond to the name of the album and tour that Taylor is embarking on right now. As far as partnerships go, this has been a pretty solid one so far :) And if my previous travels with Air Asia are anything to go by, then it’s very likely that Taylor will experience nothing but smooth sailing on her trips.

photo 3So if you see this plane anywhere in Southeast Asia during the corresponding time frame of Taylor herself being here, know that she’s probably in the process of boarding or disembarking it. But the Malaysian-registered Air Asia plane will continue to carry the livery for the next year — if you somehow end up on it, you would be forgiven for belting out every single song of hers until you reach your destination.