Kate Upton: From Photoshoot to Silver Screen

Supermodel Kate Upton has received a lot of praise of shutting down the idea that the fashion and modeling world is only interested in stick-thin figures to walk runways and front the covers of glossies. Her convivial girl-next-door attitude has also won her legions of fans the world over, and she continues to capitalize on her popularity by taking on the big bad world of acting on the big screen.

theotherwomanHere she is pictured at the London premier of The Other Woman, a comedic (and seemingly female empowering) flick about three women who foster a friendship after learning that they are all being cheated on by the same man. The hilarious Leslie Mann (Of This is 40¬†and Knocked Up fame among others) plays the long-suffering wife of womanizing Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jamie Lannister of Game of Thrones), who is seeing both the high-strung lawyer played by Cameron Diaz and carefree twentysomething played by Kate Upton on the side. The three women end up getting together to scheme on ways to make the cheating man pay for his transgressions — I guess people really do come together when they endure a common suffering :)

So if you like Kate Upton’s style (or Cameron Diaz’s, or Leslie Mann’s for that matter :D) don’t miss out on this belly-laugh of a flick. Bring your best girls to make it even more fun affair ;)