The Eighth Fashion Nation Closes With a Bang

Another glorious year of Fashion Nation at Senayan City has come to a close, and what an ending. The eagerly-anticipated¬†Runway Hits¬†show this year was yet another success, and it added a milestone to its illustrious history by bringing in designers from around the Southeast Asia region for the very first time. In addition to being a vessel for new names in the Indonesian design scene to debut their latest designs, Runway Hits also hopes to be a regional platform to showcase the work of international designers. Let’s see what this year’s alumni had to offer!

Peggy Hartanto

peggy hartanto 2The darling of Indonesian fashion has struck it out of the ballpark again with special collection done in collaboration with Bateeq. This time around, she implements contemporary batik into her trademark ¬†silhouettes. She did not deviate much from designs that gave her eventually became her calling card: as we saw with her designs at JFW 2014, she manages to balance the fine line between finery and minimalism by paying attention to the detail in every dress, jumpsuit, and separate of the collection — each hem is exactly where it needs to be, and no soft pleat happens just by accident.

peggy hartanto 1