Instagram Love: The Fashion & Beauty Editors

The internet and social media have changed the way we idolize individuals: the “cult of personality” has become big business, with more and more people deliberately curating their public appearance and persona with hopes of cashing in on sponsorship opportunities. It’s sort of like reality television I guess, in the sense that even the most dull, untalented, unqualified people can somehow be more famous than groundbreaking scientists and artists.

When Instagram rolled around, people sprung into action and worked on developing their own cult of personality too. But the most addictive types of Instagram accounts are the ones owned by people who already have a personality or skill set so strong that you automatically gravitate around them. Their personalities effortlessly bleed into their photos, resulting in photo streams that feel real and provide a behind-the-scenes look into their lives.

I love scouring the Instagram accounts of print and online media editors because 1) they get first dibs on the newest beauty and fashion items, and 2) most of them seem like really cool people to hang out with. Here’s a very short list of beauty and fashion editors who have very follow-worthy Instagrams.


First: Esther Quek >>