Up2date 2014: Muslim Fashion’s Ingenious Turn

There’s always a considerable about of anticipation preceding the annual Up2date Trend Show. This is one of the biggest retail brands in Indonesian Muslim fashion to have successfully gained recognition from the local and foreign market. Answers for this year’s hottest looks and new trends for the Up2Date woman were all found on the runway last Wednesday, January 8th at the show titled Ingenious. The title was derived from from in, to mean up to date; and genius as well as gorgeous. The word ingenious itself means having or arising from an inventive mind and skill, creative and original.

The inspiration for the collection comes from Japan, where the crossroads between tradition and technology create a look that is harmonious and dynamic in character. But don’t expect to see any kimonos and yukatas — instead, the collection has more in common with the Japanese samurai.

Check out some highlights from the show to see what Up2date has to offer this season.

Color combination. We saw a lot of beige, cream, green, and peach (sushi and ocha, anyone?). These are calming colors, reflecting contentment in one’s personal style: when we know firmly what to aim for in our lives, we won’t be distracted by anything. There’s enough here to express oneself without shouting out loud to the world who you are. This sequence was all about about toned-down colors, with a dash of interesting color combinations to accentuate the overall look.

Y silhouette (left photos), H silhouette (right)

The silhouette. A picture of the samurai comes to mind when observing the outfit silhouettes: the Y silhouette wide in shoulder and gradually slimmer at the waist, which would flatter people with pear-shaped bodies. The H silhouette however is more forgiving across the board for all body types, with a long outerwear and vertical lines to suggest height.

Asymmetric flaps. Asymmetry is a concept that is seeing plenty of action in today’s fashion. Wear something asymmetric to look young and fresh, but update the concept with the use of flap skirts, structured outerwear, or paneled vests. This is how Up2date still incorporates the fun part of this collection, and it works.

Belt up. Instead of the wide obi, the thick obi is thrown in to complete the look. It resembles the belts used in martial arts outfits, adding a sense of toughness to the ensemble. Since it’s already a statement on its own, it hardly needs any accessories to go with it.

Organza for special occasions. Linen fabrics were extensively used here, especially for the casual and semi formal collection. When it comes to parties and the need for more glamorous looks, organza was the choice. We can see the color palette correlate to the whole collection, suggesting a subtle shine and down to earth manner.

So what do you think of the Ingenious collection? Do you think it conveys the concept through use of materials?