Splurge & Steal: 5 Skin Care Resolutions for 2014

Every new year, I always set myself up for near-immediate failure when I give myself unrealistic new year’s resolutions. I’m still working on resolutions that I made in 2009, for crying out loud! These unattainable resolutions would include nebulous and broadstroke things like “be nicer,” “call parents more often,” and the ever-present “lose weight.”

Pffft. So much for all that. The only real way to meet resolutions are to start small, simple, and specific, and I’ve applied this philosophy to my 2014 beauty resolutions. Here are five skin care goals that I want to accomplish for 2014:

1. Remove makeup before bed, no matter how tired I am.

Don’t judge me. You know it has happened to you sometime before too. No matter how tired you are after the party or after an especially strenuous day at work, be sure to get rid of your makeup before you fall asleep. Going to bed without removing makeup is terrible for your skin: you risk eye infections, clogged pores, and sebum buildup, which leads to acne.

If you really can’t scrounge up the strength to go on with your regular cleaning regimen, at least reach for your makeup removing wipes. They will never do a job as thorough as when you double cleanse, but it’s better than nothing. The Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes (IDR ~85,000) claims to remove up to 99.3% of stubborn makeup, and the pricier MAC Wipes (IDR ~220,000) come infused with nourishing Vitamin E.

2. Wear eye cream on the regular.

As someone who will officially cross the threshold of her late 20s this year, I’ve learned to become less and less offended when salespeople start offering me products that include “anti-aging” benefits. Even if you are in your late 20s and have yet to show signs of aging in your eyes, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a head start on prevention.

Skin around your eyes is already thin and delicate to begin with, and is one of the first markers of aging in anyone. To keep them moisturized, I like the Yves Rocher Cure Solutions Fatigue Fighter Smoothing Roll-On (IDR ~100,000) because the three metal ball applicators help cool the under-eye area while you’re applying the product, and the product’s green tint helps lighten up dark circles. At night, I use the Eye Correcting Cream (IDR ~400,000) from the Shiseido Ibuki line.

3. Exfoliate.

Dead skin cells need help to be sloughed off once in a while. While skin cells typically regenerate once every 27 days, you can help expedite the process with a facial scrub, but it is recommended that you only scrub once a week or 2-3 times a week if you have oilier skin. Try the  Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub (IDR ~85,000) for a fresh, minty kind of clean or the the Rice Facial Scrub (IDR 412,000) from Juara for something a little more Indonesia-inspired.

4. Use a face mask weekly.

Having a busy schedule often makes it difficult to regularly schedule facials, especially if you work in online media like FD :D To help make up the deficit in facials, I try to schedule in a weekly face mask instead. I like the Mud Mask (IDR 220,000) by Jafra because it’s an inexpensive and effective method of giving skin a pampering. The mud-based mask feels luxurious on skin and contains Vitamin E and extracts of ayurvedic plants to help clean up clogged pores while moisturizing and brightening skin. I also like using it at nighttime on days when I feel a random pimple start to crop up; by morning, the threatening zit will almost always be gone.

I wrote a review about the Impress Moisture Pack (IDR 1,050,000) from Kanebo on the Female Daily Beauty Reviews page, and I stand by its claims to increase moisture content and retain hydration. This is a peel-off mask that starts as a gel and leaves you with smoother, more hydrated skin after leaving it to dry for about 15 minutes. Wish so many options for time-saving face masks that provide skin plenty of benefits, there’s really no excuse for not having a weekly mask regimen anymore.

5. Invest in a nighttime moisturizer that addresses my needs.

Nighttime is primo time for the body to rest and repair itself, and the same is true of skin: at night, it works double hard to recover from the environmental stressors it faced in the daytime. It’s important to invest in an effective moisturizer that will keep skin moisturized and comfortable throughout the night, especially if you sleep in an air conditioned room.

Towards the tail end of 2013, I experimented with a much hyped-about serum, but it only dried out me skin and broke me out. To calm down the inflammation, I bought the Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Cream (IDR ~150,000) to bring back much-needed hydration to my parched skin. This is a pretty basic, lightweight gel that promises to offer up to 24 hours of moisture, and it performed very well considering its price.

For 2014, I’ve prepped myself with the Refining Moisturizer Enriched (IDR ~550,000) from the Shiseido Ibuki line. I pretty much fell in love with the entire Ibuki line when I first tried them out, and this nighttime cream is just a miracle of skin care science: it seems thick and rich at first, but it practically melts into the skin upon application and does not leave me with a gross, oily-looking face in the morning. Everything I’ve tried from the Ibuki line has been a hit with me so far, and I may have actually found my favorite skin care range for 2014!

What are your skin care resolutions for 2014? Share them with us in the comments!