Girls of Rock: Get Lorde’s Luscious Locks

Britney Spears was seventeen years old when she recorded the most important pop track of Generation Y’s formative years, the era-defining Baby, One More Time. Since Brit-Brit, other seventeen-year-olds have provided the soundtrack to the adolescence of generations following it, and it looks like Gen Z has yet another pop icon to help define its generation.

This is Ella Yelich-O’Connor of New Zealand, who is known better by her stage name, Lorde. She’s been making rounds in pop music with minimalist pop art tracks. The words that have been thrown around plenty to describe her music include “dark” and “quirky,” and her voice has a haunting, mature quality that betrays her years. Her manner, public relations, and songwriting have earned her the title of the “anti-Miley,” in stark contrast to Miley Cyrus’ less than kosher behavior.

I hope she isn’t a one hit wonder flash-in-the-pan act, because in addition to being a feminist role model and rising music icon, she’s on her way to being a style icon too.


I hung out with the Education Manager at L’Oreal Professionnel, Indra Tanudarma, and asked him for tips on how to achieve the tight waves as seen on the Kiwi lyricist:

- The very first thing that’s clear to Indra is that Lorde’s hair is already naturally curly, so unless you are already born with the right genetic codes for tight curls, you’ll have to head over to your favorite salon and get a perm.

– Make sure to grow your hair out first before perming it. It’s recommended that hair falls at least below the shoulders, because the curls will immediately eat up at hair length.

Chemical perms will not last as long on people with fine hair as they will on people with medium-thick hair. The perming process is more effective (and lasts much longer) on people who have medium-thick hair: perms on fine hair last about two months, whereas perms on medium-thick hair will last for 6-7 months.

– If you plan on coloring your hair, make sure to color your hair first before perming it, and to leave about two weeks between the coloring and perming process. This will give the curls time to settle and follicles to “rest”between processes.

Do not perm bleached hair! The bleaching process is taxing enough on hair follicles as is, so avoid chemical perms that will further aggravate the damage already done to hair.

Styling and hair care are key to keeping the shape of wavy and curly hair. You cannot get defined curls without styling products; if you perm your hair without maintaining it with styling and hair care products afterwards, all you’ll get is a head full of frizz.

If you’re not quite ready for the full-on perm, you’ll be happy to know that Lorde’s shade of chestnut brown is remarkably similar to one of the IT Looks that L’Oreal Professionnel premiered in Indonesia at Jakarta Fashion Week: one of the color trends predicted to make waves in the hair styling scene is called Icy Brown.

But if you think you are ready for a full-on perm, here are some recommended L’Oreal Professionnel products from the Tecni Art line that you can use to get the same bounce, definition, and volume:


Tecni.Art Spiral Splendour – this is a cream that will define curls on dry, frizzy hair. It’s basically designed to eliminate frizz without compromising bounce.










Tecni.Art Fix Max – a gel that, when used in combination with the Hair Mix Spiral Splendour, will help maintain hold on waves and bounce throughout the day. Not recommended for fine hair.







Tecni.Art Full Volume Extra - an extra-strong hold mousse to help hair reach maximum volume without weighing it down. Ideal for fine hair. The blow-drying process will move on faster and will result in hair that’s prepped for the next step in styling.







Tecni.Art Pli Thermo-Fixing Spray - a heat-activated setting spray to help style straight, thick hair into the desired waves and curls, for use with rollers or heat styling tools.






Tecni.Art Super Dust - a revolutionary powder that gives hair a volume boost with a matte finish. Great for increasing volume on the go, because it comes in a compact bottle that can fit easily into purses.






Now that you’ve got the hair sorted out, sing along to Lorde’s first single, Royals, which catapulted her into Top 40 royalty in the summer of 2013: