Mom Knows Best: Beauty and Style Tips From #1 Woman in Our Lives

Happy Mother’s Day!

Once a year is nowhere near enough to commemorate the endless outpouring of affection from the women who raised us. There isn’t enough space on the internet to write about the sacrifices our mothers have made to see us into adulthood, but we’ll start by writing about how they were our first original beauty and style icons! As a kid, I always loved watching my mother do things like apply lipstick and fuss over what outfit to wear. A lot of my personal beauty and style philosophies come from years of watching her get ready for parties in front of a mirror.

Here’s a pic of my own momma and me sometime in the early ’90s:

I don’t remember my mother having skin that was not glowing and translucent — I chalked it up to the fact that she has always been very active, health-conscious, and maintains a strict cleansing and moisturizing routine. My own skin does not hold a candle to hers! She used to try out products from every high-end European skin care brand, but these days she’s perfectly happy with drugstore products and her skin is more radiant than ever. She’s much more adventurous than me in the eye makeup game too, always having fun with shimmery eye shadows and colorful eyeliners.

In the style department, she’s absolutely OBSESSED with white button-down shirts and layering. Back in the early ’90s, I remember her owning a lot of key pieces and accessories from Aigner, MCM, and Versace, and plenty of separates from Marks & Spencer. She also owned a lot of tailor-made clothing with dramatic shoulder pads — so while I give her props for wanting to keep up with the style of the era, some things were better left in the ’80s!

I asked a few other ladies around the Female Daily office for stories on how their own mothers inspired their beauty and style preferences today. The testimonials and photos that I got were super adorable!

Lita, Mommies Daily Managing Editor

“I’ve always viewed my Mom as a stylish figure. There are plenty of photos of Mom in her youth where she can be seen wearing the most up-to-date fashions of the time: sleeveless dresses, miniskirts, bellbottoms, and even go-go boots :D I was raised by a Mom who was very good at combining unbranded clothes, something that has influenced me til this day. I don’t really pay attention to brands when I go shopping, as long as the particular item can be combined with outfits that I already own.”




Hanifa, Female Daily Founder

“My mom is not big on makeup. In fact, lipstick is about the only makeup she wears everyday. But she has taken good care of her skin since she was young. She didn’t spend a fortune on products so she is living proof that as long as you clean your face thoroughly, exfoliate, wear masks regularly, and use the necessary products (moisturizer, sunscreen, etc) you’ll be fine.

“As far as style goes, my mom taught me about quality and good fit. She is very particular about how clothes fall on her body. She didn’t mind going back and forth to the tailor to get the perfect fit. I love how she dressed up when she was younger, before she wore the hijab. She was always spotted with stylish dresses that are modest with classic prints like stripes and polkadot. She wore the classic black and white a lot, also red. She looks so simple and graceful in all of the pictures that I have of her.”

Grisselda, Female Daily Editor

“I first realized my mom loved makeup when I was able to understand what lipstick is for :D She had A LOT of lipsticks and other makeup products like eyeshadows, blushes, and eyeliners. Everyone in my house tells the same story over and over: when I was 3 years old, I always sneaked into my mom’s room and tried her lipsticks, which ended in disaster (LOL). Apparently I was trying to copy my mom’s. She always took care of her skin and goes to lengths to remove her makeup at night no matter how tired she is, so I also copy her routine and NEVER go to sleep without removing makeup.

“In her young years, my mom was considered as a woman who had the ideal weight, so she loved wearing short pants and sleeveless blouses. And since I am far from being my ideal weight, I avoid those kinds of attire. My mom is the one who always tells me it’s okay to wear a sleeveless blouse if I love it. She’s the one who keeps telling me I look good, I look okay — and because of her support, now whenever I see a cute sleeveless blouse or shorts, I buy it right away and wear it with confidence. I feel comfortable with myself, so thanks to Mom for opening my eyes!”

:) D’aaaaw. How cute were those photos and stories? If you have stories about how your mother inspired your beauty and style routine, share it with us in the comments!