Battle of the Week: Red Nail Polish Showdown

In line with this month’s theme to celebrate all things red, we’ve gone ahead and arranged a battle between similar-looking shades of red. This way, we can compare between each brand’s color, price, and — most importantly — staying power. So we applied the scientific method to determine which of three fire engine-red nail polishes lasted the longest. Here are the parameters of our experiment:

  • Two coats
  • No base or top coat
  • Conduct our daily activities with no special regard for polish longevity

All right, so it isn’t as scientific as it can be, but it’s as close to a controlled experiment as we could have gotten. How did each nail polish fare? Check out the below and after pictures to find out.

Griss, Fashionese Daily Editor wears Jessica in Classic Beauty (IDR 120,000)

“The application is easy, and two coats is enough to get the color payoff I wanted. It dries pretty quickly too, but the shade somewhat darkened after it completely dried. After three days of wear, it was only minimally botched where the nail grows out. But I think this could be worn for a week and still look all right.”

Before & After

Kila, Female Daily Motion Graphic Designer wearing Oriflame More by Demi in Hollywood Red (IDR 79,000)

“I prefer wearing dark nail polishes, so this is one of the few times red nail polish found its way onto my claws. The formula thickened and the color darkened somewhat, but those changes didn’t really bother me. I also do a lot of tapping on the keyboard at work, but there was no significant chipping to be found.”

Before & After

Dhany, Fashionese Daily Editor wears OPI in Big Apple Red (IDR 180,000)

“Like most OPI shades, this one required two coats before you get the desired color payoff; but like most OPI polishes, it did really well over the course of three days. It didn’t take too long to dry, and while the color did turn out a little darker by the third day, it thinned out too. The gloss also faded out a little to reveal more of a matte finish.”

Before & After

Here’s what we learned by the end of this brief experiment: each shade darkened after three days of wear, we found very little evidence chipping, and our hands look chunkier in photos than they do in real life :P

What’s your favorite shade of red nail polish? Share it with us in the comments and maybe we’ll run another Battle of the Week with it sometime! :)