More Makeup, More Fun!

Nearly everyone here at FDHQ is a makeup fiend, so we are always on the lookout for new cosmetics brands and labels that we’ve only just encountered. Here are some new names that we’ve found a liking to recently. Do you have a favorite on this list?


When skin is going through a particularly sensitive phase, one of the worst things you can do it is wear makeup. A lot of complexion-fixing makeup products (foundations, concealer) can end up being detrimental to skin that is already prone to damage. This is where Colorescience wants to come to the rescue: touted as an “extension of skincare,” it creates a range of base makeup — including primers, foundations, and sunblocks — to help people with sensitive skin achieve a perfect complexion.

I was intrigued by the texture of the face primer, which started out buttery upon immediate application — but it quickly turned into a soft, light powder once spread evenly on the skin. Also of note were the foundations which are available in creme, loose powder, and compact powder form, depending on your needs. Makeup artist (and Fashionese Daily friend), Arty Ardiwinata, was present at the media gathering to share her experience with the product. She loved how the product offered coverage that was thorough and natural-looking: it does not feel heavy, all the while offering the benefits of a skincare regimen.

Colorescience products are not considered makeup, but rather medication, so they are not available off the counter at department stores. For now, you can pick up your own at Jakarta’s Crystal Aesthetic Clinic.


Misslyn is a 30-year-old German cosmetics brand that was acquired by ARTDECO cosmetic group in 2010 and went through a complete image and philosophy overhaul. It re-launched in 2011, eager to expand on the existing segments it had already become well-known for, through an innovative range of makeup for eyes, lips, and complexion. The brand has become the leading producer of nail polish shades in Europe, and it plans on doing the same for its eyeshadows, lipsticks, and foundations.

The best part are the prices: these are drugstore cosmetics at drugstore prices, but with payoff that could fool you into thinking they were department-store quality. Trio eyeshadows are going at IDR 120,000, liquid eyeliners at IDR 90,000, lipsticks at IDR 80,000 and nail polishes at IDR 65,000. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Misslyn made its Southeast Asian debut in Indonesia, with the first booth already open at Matahari Lippo Karawaci. Don’t worry though, they do have plans to roll out booths to more Matahari stores across the entire archipelago, so everyone in Indonesia can have access to German-produced cosmetics at bargain prices. Keep an eye out for it!


Hop on over to France to meet Lollipops, a Parisian accessories brand which extended its brand to include a range of cosmetics. The packaging is playful, whimsical, and just all-around adorable. The price range is wallet-friendly too: lipsticks are going for IDR 220,000, duo eye shadows at IDR 275,000, BB creams at IDR 325,000, and liquid foundations at IDR 385,000. Here’s a blip from their catalog:

“Our formulas are developed really carefully with our quality control staff and make-up artists advises [sic] to always ge tbest result and easy application.

With no Paraben, no preservatives… our quality is equal as higher selective French brands, with big added value and with fun and specific packaging.”

Lollipops Makeup products are available at Beauty Box stores in Indonesia.