Softex Invites You to Hello Kitty Wonderland!

Listen up, ladies. We all know how “that time of the month” isn’t always a breezy cakewalk, which is why Softex has come up with a great way of making the monthly visits by Aunt Flo a little less unpleasant .These special edition pantyliners and pads feature a character we have surely come to call a friend at some point in our lives: say hello to Softex Hello Kitty!

This range of slim, absorbent, and (if it isn’t already obvious) adorable feminine hygiene products feature a familiar-looking face we first learned to love in elementary school, and some of us could probably still go gaga over anything emblazoned with Hello Kitty — you know who you are ;) Keep this old friend close, and you’ll find that she’s also a new friend who can keep you happy during your time of the month.

The product launch started at Gandaria City and Lotte Shopping Avenue, and is now making its stop at Mal Lippo Karawaci until November 28th, 2013. If you’re a fan of all things Hello Kitty, you don’t want to miss this event! The launch roadshows are inspired by Hello Kitty everything : from Hello Kitty party dresses, Hello Kitty nail art, and even a Hello Kitty car. Like I said, if you still can’t quite let go of the love for Hello Kitty, it might do you good to check out the launch event going on at Mal Lippo Karawaci: visitors who purchase the special Softex Hello Kitty bundle will be gifted goodie bags filled with fun collectible gifts.

The roadshow will also include concerts and contests open to all visitors, with one of the biggest being the “How Popular Are You?” contest. This is how you take part: visitors take a picture with the Softex Hello Kitty car and upload it to their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts with the hashtag #SoftexHelloKitty_Karawaci. Winners will be selected based on the highest number of likes for the photos, and they get to go home with branded watches and clutches. Who says being¬†narsis doesn’t pay? ;)

And stand a chance to win a trip to Japan with Softex! Check out this flyer for more info, and good luck, Ladies!