JFW 2014: Ready-To-Wear Collections from BINUS International Students

The students of BINUS International successfully showcased their designs at the Jakarta Fashion Week runway. The interesting thing about watching a students’ show is how we can clearly see stylistically unaffected  design from these young designers: everything is designed to meet their artistic vision without the trappings of fashion business.  And as is with some people, the older you get, then more you get used to and recycle the same ideas. It happens not only for designers, but people in other professions also run the risk of falling into a comfort zone. When this happens to designers, they stop innovating, which is why it is always refreshing to see the work of student who are just beginning to find their groove.

For this year’s show, BINUS International has titled it Urban Myths: The Mystical Borneo .  The show was basically about the the idea of uniting traditions, mythsm and cultural elements into their own design.  I was surprised to learn that some of the graduates actually went to Kalimantan for a few days research trip to help them futher understand the Borneo legacy and Dayak culture.  That trip also gave them the opportunity to get in touch with local tenun craftsmen, visit some tenun villages, and also witness the beautiful landscape there that obviously became a big part as their inspiration for the show.

The 13 designers that participated for the show are Gendis Mayangsari, Rianti Dwiastuti, Ines Valentia, Aisya Putri, Claresta Pitojo, Natasha Amanda, Kezia Silanu, Hana Farhana, Zanetha Labianka, Zihan, Widya Rahmaningrum, Risya Novia Permata Sari, and Priscilla Nauli. Each of these thirteen designers presented thirteen different collection on runway.  My favorite would be Zanetha Labianka‘s collection which is called Banded, that made me wish we had winter here in Indonesia. I also want to point out Zihan’s Chic Masculina, because I love the coat in her collection!  Apparently at this moment, I tend to pick for these kind of clothes :D

Check out the photos below to see the collections!

Gendis Mayangsari

Rianti Dwiastuti

Ines Valentia

Aisya Putri

Claresta Pitojo

Natasha Amanda

Kezia Silanu

Hana Farhana

Zanetha Labianka


Widya Rahmaningrum

Risya Novia Permata Sari

Priscilla Nauli