Utama Spice’s Body Butter Reminds Me of a Relaxing Day at the Spa

I always have a penchant for bath and body products with aromatherapy scent to it. That’s why when I discover the brand Utama Spice I’m so thrilled. This Bali based brand started in 1989 but only in 2000 they got incorporated. Using the ancient Balinese medicinal knowledge as their root, they create¬†all natural aromatherapy products adhering to the famous Balinese cultural concept of Tri Hita Karana that commits to respecting and working harmoniously with humanity, nature and the Divine. I love their commitment to not only using locally-source natural resources but to also enhance local farming skills in areas such as organic farming, bee farming and seaweed farming. They really stress on the use of natural ingredients rather than the use of naturally derived ingredients and other synthetic ingredients.

Enough about the brand and let’s get down on the product itself. My first pick falls to the Lavender Body Butter because I love using body butter at night to replenish my skin with the hydration it needs. I sleep with my AC on and I bet most of you too. Thus, waking up to a dry skin is not so foreign to me. Using body lotion is not enough for me, I always feel that it doesn’t gives enough hydration for night time. I opt for either body butter or oil for night time. But this body butter from Utama Spice is not your typical creamy body butter, it has an oily feel to it, which I think in a glance most people will despise it. But when you apply it, the product really doesn’t leave oily feel to it at all like most body butter I tried. It does feel that some film of moisturiser presence on the surface of my skin but it doesn’t feel disturbing at all.

What’s inside it? This body butter contains Vitamin E and according to the label, also rich in other antioxidants. With coconut oil, aloe vera, cocoa butter and beeswax, you have no doubt that this body butter is going to do the job just lovely in giving your skin the hydration it needs. But what I also love about this product is the lavender scent that is so relaxing that reminds me of the scent you oftenly find when you step inside a spa.

There’s one thing that I kind of despise from the body butter. Because it’s so buttery, sometimes it kinda melts when it’s not stored properly and when I open the jar there’s oil oozing through the jar. But this could be remedied by putting the jar inside the fridge and it will gives a really nice sensation when you put it on after a very hot sunny day.

The best thing is of course the price! It’s IDR 44,000 for 100 gr! To get it simply go to their website www.utamaspicebali.com and find other products that will definitely swoon you – if you’re into natural product.


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