Tried & Tested: The Balm Put a Lid on It

Truth be told, I rarely use an eyeshadow primer because I find that some of my eyeshadows already work well on their own, so I generally stay away from eyeshadow primers. I only use them only for special occasions when I really want my eyeshadow to stand out, they stay in place, and get the secure feeling that they won’t crease on my eyelids.

But I have to admit, not every eyeshadow that I own performs that well and obviously could use a little help.  The thing about eyeshadows that need help is this: they wear perfectly for around four hours in a room with air conditioning.  If I go out, walk under the sun, or get sweaty in any way, the color will fade away and *knock on wood* there is huge probability of them creasing. But while Urban Decay Primer Potion has been crowned as favorite by many people, I have my own favorite for now: meet Put a Lid On It, the eyelid primer from The Balm :)

This brand caught my attention because whitelady has a few makeup products from The Balm, and every time I see her go through her makeup routine in the office, it makes me want to get at least one product from The Balm to start.  So here it is, now I finally have my own Put a Lid On It (such a catchy name! :D) . The texture of this primer reminds me of Benefit Porefessional. It feels like a silicon-based primer, but right after I blend it, the texture transformed into a more light semi-liquid form.

I’ve tried it with a light pink shimerry shade from the Sephora 4 Shadows and Liner Palette, and the main reason why I chose this shade is because I want you to see how well this eyelid primer works. The primer itself blends easily on my eyelid, and the eyeshadow application is easy as well.  The shade looks more vibrant and stays for longer hours.  I only need a small dab for both eyelids, so surely this tiny tube will last for months!

By far, this primer has don really well on my normal eyelid.  I love it to bits.  For those of you who might be interested to purchase one, The Balm Put a Lid On It retails for IDR 210,000 in Indonesia.  What is your most favorite product from The Balm, Ladies?  I want to make a shopping list :D