Recent Purchase: Addiction by Ayako

My cousin went on a trip to Japan recently, and oh how I wish I could’ve joined her. While I’m always excited to get delicious snacks and grub (Tokyo Banana, anyone?), I knew one thing that I wanted to get: a particular Japanese makeup brand. What else?

Addiction is a Japanese makeup brand manufactured by the giant cosmetics manufacturer, Kose. The creative director, Ayako, previously worked as the international makeup director for the one and only NARS. So don’t be surprised if what you see here have uncanny similarities to the cult American brand; but if you browse around the product lineup and the shade offerings, you can tell that this lady has a vision all her own.

Addiction isn’t exactly easy on the wallet, with the prices ranging  from ¥ 1,260 – ¥ 6,510 (USD 12 – 65) for makeup products and even more for brushes, which meant I had to edit my wishlist well.

I settled for five pieces, but it would’ve been more if my bank account wasn’t screaming at me to stop.

Cheek Polish 06 Tadzio | Lip Crayon Le Mépris | Ready To Wear Eye Palette 03 Sugar Rusk | Cheek Stick 05 Revenge | Lipstick Monroe Walk

I know, I know, my picks are the usuals. But I chose the products (and colors) that I know I’m going to wear often.

When I first heard about Addiction and read it around the blogosphere, one of the products that stood out the most is the Cheek Stick. It can be used on the cheeks, lips, and eyes, so of course I had to get that. Cheek Polish has just launched very recently for the Tint Shadows Fall 2013 collection and I actually regretted that I only bought one because this is amazing stuff!

I have been on my red lip-kick lately so I opted for two different reds: one in a conventional bullet and the other in pencil form. Be sure to watch out for them in my Lipstick Monday posts ;)

And last but not least, a neutral quad eyeshadow palette. I’ve sold both of my Urban Decay Naked Palettes after realizing that I’m much simpler and need something subtler. Hopefully this palette will fill that gap.

As of now, Addiction is only available in Japan. You can purchase them from, at an audaciously high marked up price (unfortunately). Or maybe ask someone you know who’s making a visit to Japan!

That’s it, folks! Now just waiting for that credit card bill to arrive :D