Wednesday Wishlist : Benefit Rockateur

I am not a loyal fan when it comes to blushes.  And when it comes to choose what essentials to bring in my makeup pouch, blush is probably the last option for me.  But I do love seeing other girls wear blush, especially when they use it the right way to add that gorgeous glow on their cheeks.  So when I see a pretty color, I know I can’t resist for too long and end up making a note in my head to buy that specific color when I visit the store; or in this case, when it’s available in Indonesia.  The one that got my attention is Benefit Rockateur.

This is the newest blush from Benefit Box O’Powder and is described as a rose-gold cheek powder.  At first glance the color looks intimidating. Whoa there, are you sure you want to put a frosty shimmery blush on your cheeks? But sometimes, a matte blush looks chalky on cheeks and I miss the “natural” glow from it.  When I saw Rocakteur’s swatches, it looked very pretty on cheeks!  I think this is a beautiful shade that will add a brighter and glowing effect at the same time.

The only downside is probably how there’s less of the product per package than other Benefit Box o’ Powders.  Rockateur contains 5.0 g net, while other Box O’Powders contain 8.0 g.  I also realized the snake skin and lace packaging on the box is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but it doesn’t bother me at all. Still, I’ve already made up my mind to add this blush to my little makeup vanity.  I really can’t wait to try it, but it looks like I have to wait a little bit longer until this little one arrives in Jakarta. :)