Ari Wibowo Feels The Power With Kiehl’s

Well there’s actually more to this program by Kiehl’s than Ari Wibowo, but hey, I got your attention by inserting his name in the title, right? :D

I’m always excited by designer collaboration programs, but that’s something that happens more often in the fashion industry. We haven’t experienced many collaborations in beauty to get excited about, but this Kiehl’s program is something so exciting and moving that I want to share with you guys. So here’s the deal…


Kielh’s is collaborating with Ari Wibowo (The Powerful Actor), Didiet Maulana (The Powerful Designer), Nicoline Patricia Malina (The Powerful Photographer) and Sigi Wimala (The Powerful Actress) as part of their Feel The Power Campaign. So what are these four remarkable individuals doing with Kiehl’s?

First, they had to design the historic labcoat worn by Mr. Bones. I’m sure by now you’re already familiar with Mr. Bones as he is always greets you at every Kiehl’s counter. As an Ikat designer, Didiet added a stylish Ikat print on the labcoat. Ari Wibowo gave the labcoat the spectacular NYC skyline drawing that looked colorful and fresh. Nicole and Sigi also completed interesting makeovers of their own.

Second, not only did the labcoats got a makeover, but so did four products, when they were printed with special limited edition designs similar to the ones on the lab coat! Now I see Ari Wibowo’s name printed on the Super Multi Corrective Cream every time I want to apply it on my face, along with the stylish downtown drawing. It always  puts a smile on my face. I wonder why :o)


Third, Kiehl’s is inviting all of you to participate in Kiehl’s Gives Indonesia Program. How? Giving and donating has never been as simple as fun as this.

  • Log in to the Kiehl’s Indonesia Facebook page between now and October 31, 2013.
  • Vote for your favorite Labcoat. Every vote counts. Kiehl’s will give IDR 5,000 to SOS Children’s Villages for every vote it receives.
  • Fill out your data because you’re entitled to free consultation , samples, and weekly prizes.

Aside for the donation made for every vote, they will also donate IDR 15,000 for every Powerful Product sold. It’s a win-win for us: not only do we get a powerful product with a package designed by a powerful individual, but by giving back to the community, we end up feeling powerful ourselves :)

Who will be joining us?