Cool Once More: Moschino, Because Fashion is Fun!

Lately, I’ve been seeing a cool revival among plenty of brands that have taken a backseat in the war of luxury brands. This is why I thought it would be a cool idea (pun intended) to do a series of articles with the “Cool Once More” label. What do you think, girls? Let’s get this train going.

Moschino is a brand that is especially dear to me because when other kids happily wore their Levi’s, my dad decided that I was better off with Moschino jeans. So I spent my teenage years with friends mocking the conspicuous peace sign made out of gold metal sealed at the back pocket of my jeans. Random people would just walk up to me and say “Peace, yo!”

In my dad’s defence, way back when Italy still used the Lira instead of Euro as their currency, a pair of designer jeans were cheaper than Levi’s. So it’s a brand that I grew to love because of this long-term involvement from my youth. But while that gold peace sign is such an obvious tell for Moschino jeans, it’s not unusual for the rest of their products to have in-your-face insignia or the Moschino logo in its characteristic bold font.

One of the most sought-after pieces from Moschino is the letter belt. It remains a classic after decades and hasn’t changed much, except for the variation in size and color. It’s a piece that you either love or hate, since just by wearing it can make it look as if you’re showing off. With such a strong character on the belt alone, you need to work it with elegance. But I think that’s exactly why people grew to love it, and why this belt has been making more and more appearances. But bags and other accessories with the Moschino lettering have also been making a comeback, and people are starting to give it a second look. The brand itself was originally founded in 1983 by the late Franco Moschino (1950 – 1994), and the brand became known for their innovative, colorful, and eccentric designs. According to the man himself, fashion is supposed to be fun, and that is clearly embodied in the brand’s DNA. This is especially true in the diffusion lines, Moschino Cheap & Chic and Love Moschino: they’re very fresh, vibrant, and fun!

Love Moschino bag from ASOS

So what do you think girls, are they back on the “cool” bandwagon? Will you be looking for the Moschino letter belt anytime soon? I still have a shirt from Moschino that I’ve owned since the fifth grade, and it remains in top-notch condition til this day. I’ve paired it here with a pair of red Moschino heels that I also dearly love.

What other brands do you think deserve a “Cool Once More” title? Let us know.