Recent Love: Ayu Sanga Drupadi Bag

Bags made from Indonesian fabrics such as ikat or batik are not something that have just popped up recently. They’ve been around for quite a while. In fact, I was on the hunt to find the one that’s just perfect for me. There’s always something off with the ones I’ve seen. Stitches that are not lined properly, material that looks cheap, ┬áthe size that’s too big or too small or the hardware that doesn’t look strong enough. But when I saw this Drupadi Bag from Ayu Sanga, I knew this was the one.


I mean, look at that beauty? I first looked at it through my small iPhone screen but immediately fell in love with this one. I guess the combination of a peachy with a spatter of navy tenun fabric meets grey leather just attracted my eyes. I had never seen such a lovely combination before. This bag seems to hit it right from all directions. It’s the perfect size as an everyday work bag as I can carry my laptop in it. It’s also roomy. As you can see in the picture below, I brought my Macbook Pro, A5 Moleskin, a pouch for stationery, a pouch for chargers and all kinds of wires, my big wallet, a bottle of Clarins Shower Gel because I just attended Clarins press event that day, a reusable bag, a business card pouch, a lipstick, and a hand lotion. And don’t forget, there was my Fuji X100s Camera in there too. I took it out to snap this picture. :D This bag holds a ton! And the long strap helps a lot for when I need my hands free.


So now that I have put an end to this special hunt, let’s find another one to chase! :D