My Latest Tenun Finds- Which One Should I Buy?

As a big fan of tenun and other traditional fabrics, I absolutely had no second thought when I first saw this tenun item in Zalora. It consists of 2 separate cases: one passport case and one travel document case. The designer also combined several traditional materials, such as ikat Bali, silk, and lurik Bali in tribal print. As Hanzky mentioned in her Surviving Long Haul Trip in Style article, it’s always nice to bring something Indonesian when we travel abroad. An Indonesian fabric always strikes up a conversation and when we are in another country, we are a representative of our own country.


Tan Living Travel Document Case from Zalora – Rp 125.000


Aside from that charming travel document case, I’m also eyeing on these beautiful pieces from Clozette Daily MarketPlaza.

Ethnic Cardigans from Ochie Mochie -Rp 155.000


Gheeta Tan and Gheeta Dusty Pink bags from Mama Fatih – Rp 375.000


Olive Bag Rp 650.000 and Mireya Bag Rp 550.000 from deesanasini


Pre Loved Tenun Jepara Tops Rp 165.000 and Rp 85.000 from penulis cerita



Which one do you recommend me to buy? Please tell me in the comment box below. ;)