Bad Hair Days Begone with L’Oreal Professionnel Dia

Last week, Chris Williams and Paola Pinto of RUSH Hair London flew in to Jakarta especially to rave about the L’Oreal Professionnel Dia, a family of hair gloss products that come in three varieties to cater to those who have never dyed their hair before (virgin hair), want to give it a subtle new flair, and for those who want a more effective product that handles gray roots. Chris and Paola talked about how surveys were sent out throughout Indonesia, and results found that up to 4.2 million women here want to color their hair but are afraid of the damage that comes with hair coloring.

The Dia family’s three variants (Dia Richesse, Dia Light, and Platinium) are softer, less chemically harsh options for those women who want to color their hair while doing as little damage to it as possible. They say that this is the ideal product of choice for women who have never dyed their hair before, so while the Dia products have been around for about a year, it was nice to see some experts weigh in with their positive reviews of the product.

Being A-grade stylists, Chris and Paola also shared their insight into current hair trends in London: while the pervasive ombre may seemingly be making its way out of many people’s hair wishlists, Chris says don’t say goodbye to it just yet. The ombre hairstyle still has a few more seasons in it, and he could see Londoners embracing it in new and different directions. It’s still hard to see an ombre that’s actually original for now with so many people reincarnating it through different color combinations, but we’ll keep a keen eye out for it. Even if the ombre expires, just remember that hair trends are cyclical, so there’s a good chance that we might see it make a comeback in under a decade.

Another point Chris and Paola made about the London hair scene is how women are looking to two women in the music scene whose PR packaging could not be more different: there’s been spikes in demand for soft, loose retro waves sported by Lana del Rey and the precision bangs from the likes of Lady Gaga. The fashion show that followed displayed balanced the marriage between retro and edgy just right, even featuring a brief demonstration by Chris Williams himself. It was a show that I’m sure the ballroom-full of professional hairstylists reaped a lot of new techniques and inspiration from.

The colors offered in the Dia family are geared towards anyone looking for more subtle, natural shades. I’m still in the Kelly Osbourne phase of hair dying myself, so I’m still willing to bleach my hair to oblivion. But if you’re one of the 4.2 million Indonesian women who want to take the first step to coloring your ‘do, this could very well be the right option for you.