Bright Cheeks with Burberry Coral Pink

A while ago I said it here that I would like to collect all of Burberry blushers. Here I am, back with a new shade on hand (and cheeks). I knew I wanted the Siren Red S/S 2013 Collection. I thought this fairly small collection offers a punch of bright pinks in different hues. I went back and over between Coral Pink and Hydrangea Pink, ultimately decided to go with the first one.

Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush No. 09 Coral Pink

Still encased in that polished reflective gunmetal compact with Burberry’s signature checked print. The convenient magnetic closure and the full mirror are there not just for practicality, but add to the aesthetic values. A slanted natural-haired brush, that’s actually considerably soft, is provided to sculpt the cheeks and touch ups.

The picture above made the product looks almost graphic, doesn’t it? As if there’s some kind of gradation going on. I believe it’s due to the light reflective pigments and the printed texture of the blush. It is almost impossible to capture this flat, not when the light hits it.

When one hears ‘coral pink’, one usually immediately goes to that balance of pink and yellow, not exactly peach nor too pink. You might be disappointed to see that this doesn’t look like anything near what you had in mind. It looks like a medium pink to me. At first, I didn’t know why Burberry would name it Coral Pink. Burberry are usually good with correlating the product colors with suitable names. But I know why now, after I apply it.

When I apply the blush, it goes on, well, pink. But as I blend it, I could see there’s something different. Usually with this type of medium pink shades, the colors would show up pretty much the same as in the pan on me. However, Burberry Coral Pink offers a brightness that gives an extra liveliness to my cheeks. I think, it’s the coral element that makes it possible.

See the swatch above. When swatched heavily, it looks pretty much the same as in the pan. When blended/sheered out, you can see the color is shifting a little. Of course, the color will look different when blended out against my skin. But you can see the brightness coming through as well. It’s not too coral, but it’s not a muted pink either.

This shade is incredibly pigmented. It’s very finely milled with an indulgent soft buttery texture. I obviously (still) underestimated this and applied too much on my first try. Mind you, I had tried to use as little as possible. Apparently, it’s still too much. I’m not worried because this blush blends out easily and a quick powder on top solve the issue. I used my trusty Real Techniques Blush Brush for this, just a light tap on the product and that would do it.

I’m glad to have this in my collection. Burberry rarely do brights, and when they do, they still manage to retain the classic, timeless-look principles they’re known for.

Apparently, getting one of the two blushers from the Siren Red Collection didn’t suffice my blush cravings. So I did get the Hydrangea Pink not too long after. Be sure to watch out for that. :D