All Day, Everyday: Female Daily HQ’s Favorite Accessories

Humans are creatures of habit, and routine spills over into our everyday style. I’m sure most of us have jewelries and accessories we wear every day for practical or sentimental reasons–or maybe we just happen to be really digging a particular style at the moment! Here are some wardrobe accoutrements that we, at Female Daily Headquarters, have been sporting daily as of late:

Adisty, Mommies Daily Editor

Adis was looking for a new watch and just happened to stumble upon the Decker Watch from Fossil. This is a very sturdy watch with some weight to it, and that’s what she liked about it. When I asked why she went for this particular muted matte gold, Adis admitted that she was looking for a gold watch but didn’t want the striking chrome gold variety. “This is the kind of gold that I can wear with anything. It’s also not loud and distracting, but still distinctive.”

Syita, Business Development Associate

When a little bit of family fortune fell onto Syita’s lap, she decided to spend it not on clothes, makeup, or a spa session: she wanted to spend it on something she could hang on to for a long time, and finally settled on this custom-made name plate. This cubic zirconia and white gold name plate pendant was made back in the days when she still enjoyed butterfly motifs in high school. And as for why the plate doesn’t spell out her full name, she has her mother to thank for that: “My mom didn’t let me put down my full name because she didn’t want guys hollering at me!”

Grisselda, Fashionese Daily Associate Editor

We’ve previously seen how Griss’ mother enjoys randomly buying and giving gifts to her kids, and this pendant was yet another seemingly random gift given to her out of the blue (NB: adopt me please?). The white gold G is encrusted with diamonds, and Griss has worn the pendant  with casual outfits and formal attire. It’s how my ideal piece of jewelry would be: it’s simple but makes a statement at the same time while being versatile enough to make the same smooth day-to-night transition that we see with a lot of LBDs.

Dhany, Fashionese Daily Editor

I once mentioned how my mother has been gifted with the ability to not get overly attached to earthly possessions. Despite (rightfully) spending her hard-earned money on clothes, shoes, and jewelry, she ends up rotating through a modest wardrobe and leaves the rest to me once she’s bored of them (yay!). As luck would have it, we have fairly similar tastes: we both like solid-looking jewelry, like this white gold and diamond ring from Goldheart. I like wearing diamonds because it also happens to be my birthstone–what’s yours? ;)

Is there a piece of jewelry you wear every day? Share it with us here in the comments!