Baby It’s Cold Outside

When I last wrote about the Fall/Winter ’13 collection from Minimal, I also talked a little about how Jakarta’s recent unexpected torrents of wind and rain have left us in the Female Daily office with no choice but to break out cardigans, sweaters, jackets, and shawls. But the arrival of arctic climes in the office has also helped me rekindle my love for the sweater, which I had not worn since way back in school. I threw out all my sweaters after academia, having associated them with high school varsity athletes and bleary-eyed college students. I thought that surely there would be no room in my wardrobe or professional life for an item of clothing as laid-back as the humble sweatshirt.

I was so, so wrong! I may not be a seventeen year-old linebacker or a sleepy engineering major, but I have inherited some of their traits: like both of them, I’m fueled by coffee and don’t have time to plan my outfits! On days when I’m rushed for time, I’d love to be able to slip into a par of jeans and into the sweatshirts from Minimal’s Fall/Winter ’13 collection. When combined with the right bottoms and shoes, these gilded royal blue and floral-print beauties are versatile enough for a night at the movies or casual Friday at the office.

This has me thinking  about investing in several solid sweaters for days when I’m not feeling it. Here are a couple of numbers I have my eyes on:

Indonesian brands

Localbrand is a fine little trove of Indonesian-designed apparel, and they specialize in sourcing one-off accessories and clothes that are quietly brilliant. I like the simplicity in the geometry of the black and heather grey Alva Sweater by Spotlight (out of stock on Localbrand, but available on the Spotlight website), and I’ll be borrowing Gravel’s Navy Suede Pad from the boys. The tan suede epaulet and elbow patches make the person wearing it look like an off-duty solder and substitute teacher at the same time.

Speaking of patches, the Adana Sweater from Cotton Ink has a great oxblood sweatshirt with contrasting leather elbow patches. NiKiCio’s heather grey Metallic Sweater from the recent Resort 2013 collection looks cozy too, perfect for cold, rainy nights at home with a horror movie and a bucket of homemade popcorn.

Jezebel and Toff

Ugh. Why why WHY does this New York streetwear label not have an online store? The sweats above are actually from the F/W 2012 collection, but that has not stopped them from still being amazing. You need a personality to match the loud graphic prints that they are known for, so don’t hold back!


I basically live on the internet, so I find all the sweaters on the 1991INC online shop to be downright hilarious. These sweaters are garish and full of inside jokes that non-internet trolls may find off-color in style and spirit, but I think they’re great. The RIP Diet Sweater hits so close to home with my depressingly dismal streak at weight loss attempts, while I’m getting a “really chill Florida retiree” vibe from the Flamingo Sweater. I’m not old, rich, or satiated with life, but I’m sure my flamingo friends can help me fake it!

Do you like your sweaters flamboyant and cheeky, or do you prefer them sensible and subdued? Keeping in mind that people aren’t one-dimensional, I’m sure there’s a time and place for everyone to be both. I think I’m going to try to put away the jackets and cardigans for now, and start keeping warm by slipping into a sweater. The question is: where should I start?