Tried & Tested : Bourjois Healthy Mix Illuminating Brush Concealer

I’ve been searching for a good drugstore concealer for my under eyes area since I ran out of my oldie but goodie Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer.  The problem is, in Indonesia, Maybelline doesn’t sell my shade which is the lightest one. They only sell one shade in this country (I believe it’s #2).  Please Maybelline, bring more shades. I bet lots of women would love that.  I bought my Mineral Power Concealer when I was at Thailand, so the fact that I can’t buy it easily here is kind of annoying to me.  That being said, when I needed a new concealer, I went to the nearest mall to find out the options there.

The first one that I noticed was Bourjois Healthy Mix Illuminating Brush Concealer.  First of all, the packaging reminded me of the oh-so-famous YSL Touche Eclat.  Not only that, the famous UK Makeup Artist, Lisa Eldridge, shows her love for the similar concealer which is Clinique Airbrush Concealer continually.   If, oh God, IF we had a complete range of products like other countries have, we can also find similar concealers from the drugstore like Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer and L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer. If only…

Okay, enough with the yelps.  Back to the concealer.  These kind of brush concealers are not only meant for concealing but also give the brightening effect, especially when we use them on under eye dark circle.  It’s very obvious because for a drugstore concealer, they even put “Illuminating” or “Lumi” on the product’s name.

From the website, Bourjois Healthy Mix Illuminating Brush Concealer’s claims :

  • Double action concealer for a brighter complexion and an instant anti-fatigue result!
  • Conceal those imperfections in the stroke of a brush and smooth away dark circles.
  • It is enriched with light-reflecting pigments to illuminate the darker areas of the face. Its unifying texture will glide onto the skin with a feather-light feel and give you a truly illuminated result!
  • A practical brush tip pen releases just the right amount of formula for a precise application, perfect for touch ups on the go!

I’ve been using this product for two weeks and what I can tell you is that I love the formulation for under eyes.  The skin around our eyes is thinner, and for some people I know even have dry skin under their eyes.  I think to conceal dark circles it’s safer to go with liquid concealer because the texture is not too heavy for the skin.  Yes, it brightens my under eyes instantly so I look fresher and not like a sick person hanging around the office. :p

It’s very easy to apply.  All I need to is twist the bottom of this concealer “pen” and put 4 dots under my eyes and blend them with my fingers or with the Sigma P80 brush, depending on how I feel that day.  Since it has a light texture, basically I don’t have a problem blending in the product.  It doesn’t crease on me-a person who doesn’t have oily under eyes.  I picked the lightest shade #61, and I think the shade suits me well.  The downside of  Bourjois products are they don’t have a wide range of shades.

This concealer gives light to medium coverage and it doesn’t conceal acne very well compared to other concealers with a thicker formulation. Actually, it’s perfectly understandable because this kind of concealer is usually used for under eyes.  We can also use Bourjois Healthy Mix Illuminating Brush Concealer to give a highlighted effect on the face, under our eyes, the bridge of our nose, and on the highest cheekbones to give a nice subtle bright glowy effect.  It works as an illuminator in addition to other face products as well.

As for using the concealer for touch up, I don’t think I will love the idea.  I’ve tried, but it made  my under eyes looked “funky” because my face has different colors in a very obvious way. LOL.  It was harder to blend everything in since I already set my face with powder.  I think I better stick with applying the concealer in the morning and leave it alone throughout the day. It’s totally fine because the product stays on quite well and doesn’t crease on me. Overall, I think this is a good concealer-illuminator product for the under eye area. And if you can find a shade that suits you, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

We can get Bourjois Healthy Mix Illuminating Brush Concealer at all Bourjois counters and it retails for IDR 170,000.