Men’s Corner: Shampoo, Skincare & Fragrance

Before someone throws a rock at me, I just want to say this is a post as an update for our male readers (yes, there are also guys reading Fashionese Daily) and also this can be an insight for us ladies, especially if we’re planning on buying this kind of stuff for our boyfriend, dad, brother, or a friend.

Actually, I also learned something when I attended those press conferences, so I thought why not share the knowledge? :)

The first one is Head & Shoulders for Men.  Now there are three variants from Head &  Shoulder for the guys : Cool Blast, Hair Retain, and All in One.  If we’re talking about Head & Shoulders, the first thing that pops in my head is this is an anti-dandruff shampoo.  Don’t you agree?  And how about the dandruff itself? is there any differences between men and women’s dandruff?  What causes dandruff?

Head & Shoulders brought its scientist, Lais Koelle, who’s in charge for regions of Asia, and she explained to us the general knowledge about dandruff that I think is important for us to know.  Ms. Koelle said that there are 3 factors that cause dandruff :

  1. Malassezia Globosa Fungus
    We have fungus on our scalp, and this is very natural.  This fungus live on everyone’s scalp, in the air, on the skin’s surface, and sometimes they even hide in hair follicles.  Fungus can grow, and if they grow too quickly, then they can cause dandruff to develop.
  2. Scalp Oils
    Everyone  produces oil on their scalp.  The oil is actually a good thing because it makes the hair looks shiny and healthy.  But for some people, their scalp produces more oil than normal, and we usually think if we wash our hair, then the oil will be gone.  The fact is, it triggers the scalp to produce more oil.  The longer we are in the shower, the more the oil build up on the scalp.  This is the food for the fungus, and if we give the fungus”tons of food”, no wonder they will grow rapidly.
  3. Individual Susceptibility to Skin Irritation
    Some people have a sensitive scalp, and when the fungus eat the oil, it can cause scalp irritation that can lead to dandruff flakes.

Usually the dead skin on the scalp will flake off in every 28 days. The new cell will then form,surfaces and the dead skin on the surface will go away naturally.  But, if we have a scalp problem, due to those three factors that I’ve mentioned above, the reformation process could be shortened to 5 days.  That’s actually scary, because all of the dead skin is building up on our scalp and I guess you can guess the rest of the story.  It’s itchy and makes the scalp uncomfortable, and the flakes are showing on our hair instead of naturally gone.  The common thing that I think most of us do is scratching our scalp if it’s itchy, and oh boy, that makes the condition of scalp worsens.

Men and women’s scalps are very similar, and only have a slight difference: men’s scalp is a little bit thicker. Our hormones are different, and that being said the sebum level is also different.  What makes the company separating its products for men and women then?  Simply because of the gender’s character.  Women love her hair, and are willing to take more time and money to take care their hair (using shampoo, conditioner, hair tonic, hair mask) or go to the salon regularly.  Men love something more practical, easy to use and convenient product that does it all.

Head & Shoulders shampoos are rich in ZPT (Zinc Pyrithione), which effectively targets the source of dandruff, cleanses and stabilizes the scalp.  Head & Shoulders Men offers the benefits that can be matched to men’s needs and the newest variant. Cool Blast, is probably one of the answers.  Head & Shoulder Cool Blast also contains menthol to give a fresh, cool and clean sensation to the scalp.  Targeted for men who live in a tropical climate country like our very own.