Have Your Say: Is Black Hair Out of Date?

Born Asian, particularly Indonesian, means that your hair colour is most likely to be black. But the latest trend in hair seems to dictate that colouring your hair is the thing of the moment. We never said that there’s something wrong with colouring your hair, but it had us thinking whether people start to associate having black hair with the word “kuno”? Any thought on this matter, ladies?

Dewi Utari, a fashion and beauty expert, even said during the press conference of Sunsilk ‘Shine with Pride’ campaign that black hair is versatile. It’s so versatile that you can actually look fashionable and modern with ease. Whereas Raisa, the brand ambassador for Sunsilk, said that there were times that she wanted to colour her hair because of the influence of her friends, but she finally decided to stick with her black hair because it’s part of her life, strength and spirit. So ladies, fret not if you’re thinking that black hair is out of date, because it’s not!

Need more convincing that you aren’t the only one who thinks that black hair is not out of date? Sunsilk is known for its Sunsilk Co-creation Black Shine range which is able to give you that silky black hair look has done a polling regarding the choice of hair colour by Indonesian women. From a total of 7 millions respondents through a two-weeks survey, 4.2 millions of Indonesian women choose to stick with their black hair. In addition, through a survey done in couple of major cities in Indonesia with 100 women, 94% of them stated that they prefer to keep their natural black hair. So, it’s safe to say that amidst the hair colouring trend, the majority of Indonesian women are still walking tall and proud with their black hair.

This is why Sunsilk initiated Shine With Pride campaign to create a Hari Kemilau Indonesia to celebrate the Indonesian women’s pride and their black hair that is part and partial of their identity. To inspire more Indonesian women, Raisa has created a theme song titled “Kilaumu” and Sunsilk will be spreading the joy through a mini concert that will be held in several major cities in Indonesia. Not only that, if you’re one of the proud owner of black hair, you could stand a chance to be part of Raisa’s music video and show your shine in the theme song “Kilaumu”. How? Simply by uploading your photo to www.kilaumu.com.

So what do you think, ladies. Is black hair out of date? I strongly say NO! Don’t let the trend judge who you are. Whatever your hair colour is, you choose it because you like it.