Daily Life with the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0

Have you seen my previous article on the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0?

In it, I pointed out some excellent plus points exclusive to this particular tablet, and this is article will talk more in depth about my favorite features : Awesome Note and S Note.  I have a tendency to write everything down on notebooks, so I’ve been using Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 as a notebook replacement.

I think it’s pretty obvious that I am a huge fan of practicality.  If I find a practical use for something, I will for sure love it right away, and that’s what happened with the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0.  Now imagine how I, as a working woman, find myself in the completely normal, everyday situation of carrying a notebook, planner–and because I’m the biggest bookwork you will meet–, and a thick book for when I find myself in situations where I can’t do much except read.  Now add to that list of a makeup pouch, a pair of flat shoes, a portable charger, laptop, and its adapter. These are things I carry in one shoulder bag, which is why it’s important that I reduce the number of things I carry around with me. Carrying heavy loads can’t be good for my shoulders and posture.

Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 is the perfect solution to my lamentation, because I can now leave my notebooks at home and just bring the tablet to organize everything: job-related notes, personal lists, shopping list, to-do-lists, diary, travel journal, ideas, reminders, calendars, and more.  Like I said, one thing can help me organize everything.

The S Note has templates that help differentiate between each note.  In fact, after I pull out the S Pen, pops a new additional page on the home screen for S Note (see left picture below).  The device detects it instantly and displays S Note templates so I can create the note that I want as soon as I pick up the S Pen.  Practical, isn’t it?

Awesome Note is also a favorite.  I am addicted to it!  I find myself continuously writing and organizing SO MANY things because Awesome Note keeps it simple and organized at the same time.   It’s perfect for my diary (of course),  list of articles to write, my travel destinations (including information about those places), calendar for my daily schedule, meeting and event reminders, and more.  Awesome Note is the main reason why I am willing to leave behind my notebooks.  I also love how I can change the background of the notes, and easily mark lists that I’ve already completed.

The 8” screen is also to my liking, and it feels great to read e-books and e-magazines because this tablet comes with a Reading Mode option will automatically adjust the brightness and background colors.  Readers Hub in Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 gives tons of free and paid book options, and I can select what to read according to my reading taste.

One more thing that I love to do with Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 is watch videos! If I can’t find any interesting shows on TV, I simply grab the tablet and go to YouTube.  I enjoy the 8” screen to the fullest.  If you can’t already tell through the name, this tablet is all about the 8 inch screen.  GALAXY Note 8.0 is also not the lightest tablet, but it’s also not too heavy for  me to hold for a long time without wearing out my arms, so I can fangirl over Bruno Mars and satisfy my K-POP hunger comfortably. LOL.  Has anyone already tried the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0?  Do you love it like I do? :)