Todd Anthony Tyler Steals Captain America’s Beauty Secret

Comics are an incredible medium and art form that has the power to speak to people of all leanings, so when I see a skincare company collaborate with a major comic book publisher for promotional reasons, my inner comic book dork and beauty enthusiast geek out together. Recently, Kiehl’s teamed up with Marvel superhero Captain America to promote an anti-aging cream for men, and boy did I geek out! I think this is a fun and creative way to appeal to an increasingly growing niche in the skincare market. Dudes are kind of difficult to reach out to when it comes to skincare, but I think Captain America has made it okay for men to care about collagen again.

Kiehl’s has also been busy here when it opened its ninth Indonesian store at Plaza Indonesia’s Glow Living Beauty. The upscale specialty beauty store already has an extensive lineup of tenants, and the addition of Kiehl’s gives it an even bigger signal boost among skincare aficionados.

But what do we have here? Looks like the grand opening will be even more festive with the presence of Todd Anthony Tyler, top-flight fashion photographer and judge on Asia’s Next Top Model. Now, I have several bones to pick with Season 1, mostly for the judges’ decision to eliminate Trang from Vietnam; so while I thought about what questions to grill him with, I had a look-see around the new space for myself.

Kiehl’s took advantage of its trademark “early 1900s apothecary” aesthetics and lined its products across walls of red brick reminiscent of its first store in New York’s East Village. This post at Glow is Kiehl’s ninth store in Indonesia since it first arrived to our fine shores in 2009, and they have remained consistent with the philosophy of bringing a little bit of the East Village to Southeast Asia. As a small gesture of giving back, Kiehl’s donates a portion of all sales to Pansophia Indonesia, a local NGO that has erected schools to educate underprivileged children. Talk about raking up good karma while getting pretty!

The shelves were stocked with every Kiehl’s product imaginable, so I asked an attentive salesperson to direct me to their bestsellers. She showed me their BB Cream, a product which is a big hit with on-the-go types who want the nourishing benefits of a moisturizer, the coverage of foundation, and the protective properties of sunscreen. It’s available in three shades, but unfortunately they only had one shade on hand on the day I went. The consistency of the cream is pretty light considering its high pigmentation and it being packed with Vitamin C and SPF 50. A 30 ml flat tube retails at IDR 350,000, which is neither over or underpriced, I think. Does anyone have an experience with this product yet? I might go for it if the reviews are right.

And then we were called in for the main event, and rolled in Todd Anthony Tyler! Looking casual but dapper in a light grey suit, he was soft spoken and had manners like a nun. He was also on hand to announce the winner a photography challenge, and to share his own opinion on perceptions of beauty. “There are different types of beauty,” he starts, “Beauty is within. Health and fitness plays into beauty.” Todd also admits that working out and exercising are important in his life, which is why he also makes sure to pump his system full of water to keep his skin supple.

After Jakarta, he is jetting off again to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok for work. He lets us in on a secret: this schedule is incredibly taxing on the skin, which is why he keeps Kiehl’s Eye De-Puffer close, which is quickly becoming a favourite product of his.

Todd was very good at winning the crowd over: his eyes were full of a boyish twinkle that led to plenty of swooning and cooing from some ladies standing behind me. When it was my turn to ask a question, I decided to veer from any Asia’s Top Model-related questions (there were already far too many!) and simply asked him to describe Indonesian women in three words.

His mouth immediately curled into a smile. “Friendly, caring, and sweet,” he answers without skipping a beat.

The ladies behind me sighed unanimously. “AWWWW!”

He might be a judge on Asia’s Next Top Model, but through the day’s interaction, it was pretty clear that he could easily become Asia’s Next Favourite Fashion Photographer.