IIFF 2013; Fattible & Treimee Selections of Working Attire

Before we run through the overflowing beauties, colorful ethnic and other unlimited inspirations from designers at Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair 2013 (IIFF 2013), this strike of working attire from Fattibile surprisingly kicked off the parade on day 1.

Not many brands took a segment of muslim working attire, presuming the working wear for non- hijabers already fulfil most aspect of muslim wear. Well, instead of regular editor pants, long sleeve shirt, formal blazer like what we’re used to see in regular office wear, this new brand is focusing their products on providing office wear for hijabers.

Formal attire aspects were registered to the collection; neat and structured cut, in neutral-basic colors like black, grey, taupe, white and a glimpse of solid color like orange. Strong androgynous style as usual for the formal office look, but the standard of modesty was very well taken into consideration. Long skirt made into a professional look with sharp cutting made from wool and tweed fabric, shirts are taken longer to match with slim pants.

Some twists are smartly embedded to the mix, so their looks were far from the boring grayish suit. And this simple basic front tied hijab style, made a nice accent as neck shawl. Such a fresh inspiration for those in search of daily office wear. But we recognized that these styles are not for everyone. The front tied hijab, for instance, could be unflattering for those who have a rather short neck. Well, take a piece or two of these ensembles would surely boost your fashionable office look.