SASSI Professional Nail Salon & Spa Opens at Plaza Indonesia

One thing South Korea has an excess of is superstardom: Associate Editor Grisselda is a big fan of K-Pop, and is pretty much the office authority on the South Korean music scene. But other than dramas and girl bands, another successful South Korean import comes in the form of SASSI, a franchise of salons and spas specifically geared towards nail care. Established in 1996, SASSI is also home to a professional nail academy where individuals interested in a career within the mani-pedi world can study to receive world-class training. Anyone who graduates from the SASSI Academy is granted instant recognition within the professional industry for their professionalism and artfulness.

SASSI already has six branches in Indonesia, but we were invited to celebrate the opening of its seventh branch, located at Plaza Indonesia. SASSI’s Country Director, Mr. Kang Bong Ju, started out his career as a nail technician himself and took time out to explain the SASSI philosophy of “health first, beauty second.” He informed us that SASSI salons offer only manicure and pedicure services to underline their dedication to professional nail care and nothing else. They differ from other salons in their professional concept (this includes pro-grade furniture and tools), professional products (no retail products), and professional employees.

SASSI places importance on nail health, which is why they insist on using nothing but the best products for their clients. All nail polishes come from American brand Jessica; if you aren’t familiar with this brand, fear not! This is a notable line among the professional nail art industry, and I will attest to its quality: I applied Jessica #420 a week ago, and it is still going strong! It has not chipped since day one

All SASSI employees are graduates of the comprehensive and rigorous courses at SASSI Academy. Two of their nail artists were on hand to present their handiwork; the flamboyant nail art was paired to a modern and traditional wedding theme, and everything took about one and a half months to complete. That’s dedication for you!

So if you’re in the mood for a proper mani + pedi session, head down to a SASSI outlet near you! Despite just recently opening their seventh branch, they have already set plans in motion for the opening of their eighth branch in Ciputra World on June 22. Looks like SASSI are taking a page out of their national economy tactics by embracing rapid growth. Good luck to them!