5 Tips to Shop for Fashion Items Online

If you follow our account on any of our social networking account, you are probably quite familiar with daily life at the Female Daily Headquarter (FDHQ) . If you’re interested in learning more about the everyday life of people at FDHQ, you could always search for #theFDNlife hashtag. It’s only natural that an office dominated with women feels alive and cheerful, so it doesn’t even feel like an office: it feels more like female-only dormitory! We share everything drom exchanging nail polishes, lunchtime hair styling, updates on celebrity gossip, karaokeing when internet connections fail us, to the most evil activity of all: online shopping! Online shopping sometimes offers the privilege to see new arrivals or sale info before anyone else, and goods purchased online are often a good bargain of good quality. But it’s not all because the insider info, but because we shop online the smart way. Want to know what’s our online shopping tips?

Amalia Hayati, Fashionese Daily – Managing Editor

Always check the photos: the online store needs to have photos of the product from different angles and should always include detail. Measurement details are also important, as is information on the type of fabric used. That way you’ll know whether the item that you’re about to purchase will fit you or not, and based from the description of the product you can also imagine how it will fall on your body. Styling of the products shown on online shops could be deceiving; good styling doesn’t mean that the product sold is also of good quality. It doesn’t give the true quality of the product that you’re after, only that whoever the stylist is has a really good sense of mixing and matching the product. It would also be better if they provide a close up picture of the fabric used so you could have a better picture of the item you’re purchasing.

Grisselda Nihardja, Fashionese Daily – Associate Editor

I love online shopping. It doesn’t mean I hate brick and mortar stores, no, but buying things online saves my time and is so practical, especially if you live in Jakarta where traffic jams don’t care who you are or what time of day it is. Sure I can’t easily trust every online stores, because there will always be some people who will try to dupe you. So the first thing I do is look for reviews about that online shop on the internet. If a LOT of people have said good things about it, then there’s no reason to worry. Second, I always check out promotions, because you don’t want to miss out on discount, right? :) Don’t rush clicking items that you want to buy, read the promotion or sale page first, but nowadays we can see it right away on the front page. Next, always compare prices. If the item that you’re looking for is not exclusively sold on a particular site, find other online shops, compare prices, and go with the cheaper one. Finally, check out the shipping fee. I usually buy more than one item because I don’t want to pay a certain amount of moneyfor just one item. Or you can spread the happiness and ask your friends to order stuff from the same online shop, so ypu can share the shipping fee and everyone’s happy! :)

Pablo Honey, Fashionese Daily – Contributor

First things first, check the return/refund policy. It’s important just in case we’re not satisfied with our purchase. Next, if you’re buying clothes and you’re unsure about size measurements, ask. Great customer service will always answer any of your inquiries. There will be a discrepancy in how the color look in your monitor and in real life. If possible, Google the product and see if there are other pictures of it. My rule of thumb when the price is too good for a product is this: don’t expect it to be as pretty as in the pictures. I’ll usually skip shoes, unless I know the brand really well and it’s available in a brick & mortar store. If you know that the website has a great collection, subscribe to the newsletter. That way, you can always know the first dibs. Last but not least, if you don’t feel ‘right’ about the product for whatever reason, skip the purchase. Save yourself some disappointment and energy. Happy (smart and safe) shopping!

Syita Sophiaan, Female Daily Network – Business Development Associate

With spam and other fraudulent methods happening everywhere online, I can’t blame people for being paranoid with trying online shop. Payment procedures that compel us to transfer a sum of money prior to product delivery is the part most worrisome to me. I can’t sleep easy before seeing the product at my door step. That’s why when I learned that there are several e-commerce sites that provide cash on delivery (COD) method, my worries went out the window! One of my favourites include ZALORA and its COD payment method where you can use your credit or debit card. A safe solution which leaves my mind at peace every time I shop online, but not for my wallet!

Amanda Nurcahyo, Female Daily Network – Event & Partnership Manager

I always shop from an online shop that has been recommended to me by someone. This means that if someone else already tried to shop at a particular site and they’re satisfied with the service and product, I’m going to go for it! If the online shop that I’m interested in has really bad quality of photos, I will search product references from other sites before I decide to purchase the item.

So if any of you have any other tips to share, please feel free to write on the comment box below.