Charles & Keith’s First Ever Collaboration with a Singaporean Label & It’s a Big Hit!

Designer collaboration might not be something foreign, but it’s something new for the Singaporean brand, Charles & Keith, to create one and it’s done with the Singaporean label, Vice & Vanity. The label was first created by the duo Vivi Lim and Aaron Kao back in 2006 when a friend offered them to create a small collection for a shop located in Haji Lane – known to be one of the places to be for rising Singaporean Indie fashion labels. Both of them have a knack for creativity and a flair of quirkiness which you could immediately see in their collaboration collection for Charles & Keith. They’ve showcased their collection in prestigious events such as the Spring/Summer 2009 London Fashion Week and 09/10 WHO’S NEXT exhibition in Paris, so their credential is legit.

Ever since Charles & Keith was bought by the LVMH group, I’ve seen many improvements – though subtle, but still notable-  such as the bigger and better retail space, more colourful collection and now this – designer collaboration. Being a Singaporean brand that has successfully claimed its mark in the industry as the go-to brand for fast fashion shoe retailer, this kind of collaboration not only instilled the brand a breath of fresh air, but also taking the creative local brand to take off with them as well. Kudos for them to be able to think about such thing and I can’t wait to see many more collaborations in the future. Home of  Blueprint where emerging designers from allover Asia and of course Singapore were showcasing their collections, I know that Singapore’s fashion scene is something that we should watch for. We just don’t know where to look, because all we can see is the fast fashion brands that spread so massively around Orchard Rd.

Back to the collection. The capsule collection consists of six accessories of bracelets and necklaces priced at around SGD 39.90 – 89.90. A bracelet alone from Vice & Vanity could set you back for SGD 125, so it’s definitely quite a steal. Inspired by the arrow of past and present, and incorporating the idea of Charles & Keith’s Afrilectric Summer 2013 collection. The result? Accessories with geometric shapes and colourful ones. Materials chosen are brass, cherry wood, and lambskin.

Now here’s the deal. The collection is an online exclusive and not available in stores. So if you happened to want to own one, you will have to ask your friend who lives in a country with an access to Charles & Keith online store. I’m definitely drooling for these bracelet and necklace below!