Feels Like Holiday All Year Round with Island Shop Collection

Jakarta is a city located on a beautiful island blessed by year-round tropical climates. Now, the idea of tropical living is evocative of swaying palm trees, rolling waves, and icy drinks, but this is definitely not the image that pops into your head when you think about Jakarta. The only things that come to mind are dust, concrete, and traffic, a very far cry from the tropical living lifestyle that you see advertised in brochures. I think it’s high time that Jakarta take back the tropics!

Thank goodness for Island Shop. This Singaporean label continues to display its mastery at  the tropical boho look through their Summer Glow show at Pondok Indah Mall’s Fashiontastic event. This in-house brand from Tangs, the Lion City’s most prominent department store, was brought into Indonesia about a year ago by Alleira and can be found in Jakarta and Bali. The comfy-looking collection does not stray far from their usual offerings of colourful linens and embellished tops, with plenty of room for accessorising to go around; I liked the earth-toned skirt, but I also really enjoyed the prints and colours from the men’s collection! Even if these looks won’t go down well in this concrete jungle, all  I’ll have to do is buy a plane ticket to a strip of sand where they can flourish in their natural habitat!