Recent Love: Pinks!

If someone asked me what color I love the most, I will definitely have a hard time answering because I love every single color. Seriously. I love it all: blue, green, pink, brown, orange, red, black, white, yellow. You name it, I probably love it! I can’t pick just one. I can easily fall in love with red one day, and then go head over heels for green the next.

I’ve recently found myself surrounded by pinks. The fun thing about color is how we can get a varied spectrum of shades in one color family. In my case, I have four favorite pink items right now, and they are all a different shade of pink. One is hot fuschia pink, the other one is baby pink, and as you can see, the rest are all different variations on pink.

The first two are makeup products. I’ve been using NYX Cream Blush in CB05 Glow, and every application keeps reminding me why I love NYX blushes! NYX offers great, highly pigmented blush shades at affordable prices. This one has a beautiful warm pink tone that blends easily. If you want to buy blushes and don’t want to spend IDR 400,000++, I highly recommended NYX blushes. I love their powder blushes as well but for now, the cream blush is commanding my attention the most. It gives a nice glow to my face and I can build up the color if I want to. Love it!

The next makeup product is a travel-sized lipstick sample from Make Up For Ever; this is Rouge Artist Intense in #36. I am so glad I got this hot-fuschia-pink color because it is so flattering and has great staying power. It has satiny finish and does’t dry out my lips. For one, it is super pigmented, which means what you see is really what you get. Dhany, the new Fashionese Daily Editor actually bought one in the same color. When I saw her lips I was like, “Whoa, nice color. What lipstick are you wearing?” and she said, “It’s Make Up For Ever #36.” Duh, no wonder the color is so familiar. LOL. Wait for a complete review about this lipstick on our Lipstick Monday post!

The third thing which also in pink (it looks more like red in the photo but I promise in real life it is pink!) and I cannot live without is my Forsta Mobile Power. This is the powerbank that I am loving right now. I attend events, press conferences, and fashion shows almost every other day, and I really, really need to have my cellphone batteries powered up throughout the day! I have to take pictures, live tweet to our @fashionesedaily followers, and remain in constant communication with the Fashionese Daily team. Forsta Mobile Power has saved my day more times than I can count! It has a high-powered 7200mAh capacity so I don’t have to worry if I go out all day long, and I don’t have to ask the obligatory “Ada colokan, nggak? Numpang nge-charge, dong” :D

I use two cellphones (one Android and one Blackberry) and I can’t leave the office or home without the Forsta Mobile Power. I usually charge my Android phone at around 1 – 2 PM and then my Blackberry afterwards. Despite all the charging I make it do, the powerbank will still have some juice left at the end of the day. There’s no excuse for this baby to not be in my bag every day.

The last thing on this list is the bag that I often use on the weekends. This is the Janice Shoulder Bag from RAOUL. It has long straps and comes in a mega cute baby pink color. I don’t use it on weekdays, because I need something bigger to carry my laptop, flats, makeup pouch, and other things. But on the weekends, this is the size that I love to carry around. It isn’t too small or too big, with enough space for my wallet, cellphones, Forsta Mobile Power, tissue, lipstick, and powder. Those are the things that I need to bring with me on the weekends, and this bag does the job very well.

That’s it! Are there any colors that you’ve been loving lately?