Boyfriend Jeans-a Safer Choice for Hijabers?

The first thought that came to mind for the title of this article was “No Skinny Jeans, Please!” Some hijabers, myself included, really  feel ‘unsafe’ about the idea of wearing skinny jeans. The way they hug the legs so tightly shows no sign of modesty at all. The insecurity that skinny jeans bring to hijabers doesn’t stop there. This actually makes sense since we often find ourselves strolling inside different stores and mostly will only find skinny jeans. Of course, there are also flare and straight leg jeans – but they, too, are usually fitted around the thighs.

So, for hijabers, you might want to consider having a collection of boyfriend-style jeans. They guarantee you a looser fit appearance – that won’t fall too tightly around your legs and not as slouchy as wide-legged or flared jeans. You also don’t have to worry that them looking like a pair of oversized jeans and will not complement your figure.

The best thing about boyfriend jeans is that you can pair them up with any short hem tops – which doesn’t happen all the time for hijabers. Boyfriend jeans are perfect for any type of tops that fall short above the hips. As a hijaber, I always feel uneasy wearing  jeans or trousers that fit tightly around the crotch and rear area. Not only that this is against the syariah but it also shows too much of your figure. Boyfriend jeans, on the other hand, tend to have a looser fitting that won’t expose those areas.

Personally speaking, I also like these types of jeans for their casual and relaxing mode – a bit grungy-feeling without the ripped style that isn’t exactly my style. Opt for boyfriend jeans that have a cleaner finish, without the distressed and ripped detailing because they will be easier to style.

The challenge is that boyfriend jeans are hard to find, while skinny jeans keep showing up everywhere! To help you choose easily, I’ve helped in selecting the perfect boyfriend jeans for you. Most of them are available in Indonesia or you can buy it easily online. Here are what I came up with:


clockwise from top left: (1-2) GAP, ASOS, Promod, Muji, Levi's


My favourite boyfriend jeans would be Muji’s for their organic denim material and Uniqlo, also for their cushy and soft denim feel – they have such a perfect thickness and well structured. Such a coincidence that they both are Japanese brands, and they’re also pretty affordable. Unfortunately, I can no longer find them in Uniqlo stores or website. While for Muji organic denim can be found in all Muji stores, for around IDR 400,000-500,000.


Uniqlo UJ boyfriend jeans