Maudy Koesnaedi is Going to the Cannes Film Festival 2013!

Remember last year’s buzz surrounding Dian Sastro’s departure to the Cannes Film Festival as L’Oreal Paris Indonesia’s brand ambassador? Well it’s apparently that time of the year again, with the festival approaching soon, L’Oreal Paris has announced that they’re going to send yet another Indonesian beauty to the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. This is the 16th consecutive year which L’Oreal Paris is going to be the official makeup artist partner for the festival.

So, who would be going to Cannes? It’s none other than the graceful Maudy Koesnaedi who is known for her role as Zaenab in Si Doel Anak Sekolahan, but most of all she’s known for her truly Indonesian beauty. It’s long since that role but she doesn’t look a day older. I asked her the secret in keeping her skin so prime, she told me during the exclusive interview session that she’s been using the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Dermalift range and adding L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Pre Essence prior to using moisturizer to keep her skin’s hydration at bay.

Maudy represents the true Indonesian beauty and she has a strong character which fits with the brand’s characteristic so much. She’s what L’Oreal Paris says: woman of worth. Successful woman according to Maudy doesn’t always have to be a director in a company, but also who is able to maintain her different role as a woman – sharing her time as an entertainer, mother, as well as a wife.

What I can’t wait is to see the wardrobe that she’s going to bring with her. I’m pretty sure with Qatar Airways in tow as a partner and the full- fledged luxurious service provided, she’s bound to have unlimited baggage size provided. With that said, we will see many beautiful dresses on the red carpet.

This year, L’Oreal Paris is working together with Ami Wirabudi – Editor in Chief of InStyle Indonesia – and Cita Tenun Indonesia to provide Maudy with the wardrobe that truly has that Indonesian style. What could be more statement making than tenun, right? Designers that are under the wing of Cita Tenun Indonesia such as  Sebastian Gunawan, Priyo Oktaviano, Ardistia NY and Auguste Soesastro are commissioned to create a wardrobe to remember for Maudy’s Cannes trip. In addition, IKAT Indonesia designer, Didiet Maulana, is also going to work his magic for Maudy. Seba’s design that Maudy is going to wear for the trip from the airport to the hotel – a loose peach top made from ATBM textile combined with blue-tone ikat pencil skirt – is said to be one of her favourites from her entire Cannes wardrobe.

Another thing that we’re excited about is the makeup collection released in conjunction with the festival. If last year’s collection is very fun and bright with L’Or Electric as the theme, this year is all about the beauty of sunset where it marks the end of your day and happily welcoming the lively night, especially in Cannes! Themed L’Or Sunset, I have a feeling that this is a collection that many will love for its versatility.

One product that is worth to note is the limited edition lipstick – Color Riche L’Or Sunset – that has a golden swirl to create a beautiful shimmer. I will definitely try this! You could also win the whole collection of L’Or Sunset here.

Maudy will be walking the Cannes Film Festival red carpet on 19 May 2013 along with L’Oreal Paris ambassadors Aishwarya Rai and Jane Fonda. I can’t wait to hear the updates of  Maudy’s Cannes Red Carpet moment from @LorealParisIdBon voyage, Maudy!